Man-made global warming a lie

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ISN'T it about time that this theory of man-made global warming was finally abandoned?

It is, and always has been, a huge lie.

Future generations will look back and wonder why we were so stupid as to be sucked in by such a belief.

Make no mistake, this has never had anything to do with the environment.

That the politicians have allowed themselves to be conned by the environmental lobby into squandering billions of dollars in the vain attempt to change the unchangeable, is a travesty of enormous proportions.

The climate change industry has been feeding off the public purse for years with nothing to show for it except the production of misinformation, lies and hot air.

This must stop! If the wasteful subsidies paid to the so-called "sustainable energy industries" were redirected back into the treasury it would allow much more important projects to be funded.

The upcoming election will give us the opportunity to at least make a start in dismantling this blight on our country and so allow the nation to grow instead of slowly dying.

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