Naracoorte cattle sees a rise in prices

THE final cattle market for the year at Naracoorte on December 17 ended with an overall rise in prices for producers.

Quality was good in the reduced supply of cattle that were competed on by the usual field of processors.

The market was comprised of 722 weighed cattle, 32 open auction cattle, 312 cows and 18 bulls.

Sales will restart on January 7. The top end quality of the vealers was exceptional and sold to 217c/kg for the B3 grade.

These, along with the general run of C2 and C3 vealers and yearlings, were 5c to 10c/kg better when the lift in quality was taken into account.

The C2 and C3 vealers sold from 145c to 186c, with the odd pen to 200c, while most B3 vealers made from 185c to 205c/kg.

The C2 and C3 yearlings to processors made from 135c to 176c with an isolated good quality pen of steers at 195c/kg.

Restockers paid from 145c to 163c for steers, with the best at 170c, while the few C2 and C3 heifers sold for 142c, 156c and 162c/kg.

The C3 heavy steers regained 7c, while the bullocks were slightly dearer and both mostly made between 155c and 170c/kg.

Odd plainer lines sold at 142c and 146c, while the better quality topped at 177c and 178c/kg.

Cow prices lifted from 3c to 8c/kg, with the D3 and D4 grades least affected in the rise. The D2 cows sold from 114c to 125c, while the C3 and C4 grades were from 125c to 135c, with plainer D3s from 115c/kg.

Restockers were active on light to medium weight 1 score cows and paid from 100c to 119c, and 134c/kg for a pen of D2s. The B2 heavyweight bulls sold from 130c to 142c/kg.

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