No lifeguards? No problem.

THERE hasn't been a spike in incidents at Naracoorte swimming lake this summer despite the absence of lifeguards.

The council decided last month not to employ lifeguards at the lake this summer because it didn't have enough interested people for a regular roster.

According to Naracoorte Lucindale Council nothing of significance has occurred since the gates were opened on December 1.

Director of operations and technical services Phil Burton said there had been some hoon driving and alcohol related offences observed which were reported directly to SA Police, but that was all.

"The cooler start to the summer has resulted in a lower patronage to the lake; however, it has still been enjoyed by visitors and locals alike," he said.

"Patrons to the lake are reminded to observe all signage and provide adequate supervision of their children at all times."

A security guard has been employed to do patrols and the kiosk is, at times, offering assistance to patrons who have minor cuts, sprains and stings.

Mayor Erika Vickery said it was somewhat of a natural progression after last year a new provision was introduced that lifeguards would only be on duty if temperatures were 30 degrees or higher.

The year before, it was a threshold of 25 degrees.

"We can only do what is possible and without anybody putting their hand up for the lifeguard position we couldn't do anything about it," she said.

"There are still security guards that patrol at certain times and the police are aware. It's a place people gather so the police take some notice of it and do a patrol and we're very grateful to them for that.

"If people notice anything they want to report they can contact council and an officer will be able to get up there very quickly."

Mrs Vickery said the public used the swimming lake at their own risk and were therefore accountable for their own actions.

"To have a free facility like this for the community to use, the community needs to take responsibility so it is safely used with good behaviour as well.

"Children under the age of 10 need to be supervised, but I would think that is just a natural thing to do anyway.

"There are always lots of family groups with both adults and children which is nice to see."

Since swimming season started without lifeguards on duty council has not received any feedback from the public - a positive sign most people are content with the situation.

By not having the service for 2013-14 it will save the council nearly $20,000 

Mrs Vickery said it had not yet be discussed where the excess money would go.

"It will just stay in that budget line for the moment. There may be other things needed to be done that it might be allocated to but we really don't know yet."

Next summer the situation will be reassessed.

"Lifeguards haven't been around at the lake forever," Mrs Vickery added.

"I think it was maybe 10 or 12 years ago that they were introduced as a risk management issue.

"Council are still certainly managing the risk by making the facility as safe as we possibly can."

To stay safe the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia suggested "active supervision".

Be prepared by having everything ready, like towels and dry clothes, before diving in, always be in arm's reach of your child and pay attention to them by talking and playing with them.

Furthermore, never leave children alone in the water or in the care of an older child.

Following these tips will help keep the lake enjoyable for all users.

Meanwhile, the Lucindale Area School swimming pool is back in action with patrons encouraged to take a dip for free during specified opening times.

For the past couple of years it has been closed over the summer holidays due to a lack of people willing to supervise it.

The facility is part of an agreement with the Department of Education and Child Development and therefore requires a lifeguard on duty for it to be open to the public.

Swimming times are 1pm to 3pm from this Saturday to January 26.

There will be a lifeguard, employed by council, on watch.

If the weather forecast states it will be 30 degrees or higher at 7pm the evening before, the pool will remain open until 6pm.

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