Rare orchid sighted in Naracoorte

SOME beautiful natural flora has been sprouting up around Naracoorte - attracting an unusual amount of interest from afar.

Some time on Monday, Noel Allchurch looked out the front of his unit on the edge of the south parklands to see a caravan pulled up and an older couple taking photos of something on the ground

"I thought it must have been an echidna or something," he told the Herald.

Curiosity got the better of Mr Allchurch and he went for a closer look, only to discover the object in question was a flower - a Hyacinth orchid.

The couple had driven all the way from Melbourne to see the flower after apparently seeing a photo of the orchid and its location on the internet.

"Someone on Naracoorte has put it on a website," Mr Allchurch said. "I don't know who, or what the site is."

He said the couple he encountered travel all around Australia taking pictures of different orchids, uploading them to their website http://www.retiredaussies.com.

And they seem to have stumbled along a reasonably rare Hyacinth in Naracoorte.

Although there are a few growing in and around the south parklands, and up near the information bay at the northern entrance to town, Mr Allchurch said this is the first time he has seen the plant in the eight years he's been at his current address.

He has made sure the plants stay untouched, marking their location with paint and even making sure potentially damaging mowers don't interfere with the plant.

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