Naracoorte's hottest day record still 45.8

TUESDAY, January 14, 2014, will remain in the annals of history as Naracoorte's hottest ever day for a little longer.

Despite predictions that the continuation of the hot streak on Thursday could breach the staggering new mark of 45.8 degrees recorded on Tuesday, the mercury only rose to a maximum of 43.3 degrees, at 1.30pm.

The new mark of 45.8 degrees set at 1.37pm on Tuesday narrowly exceeded the previous record of 45.7 degrees set on January 28, 2009.

Thursday's forecast was 46 degrees - another potential new record mark - but the temperature "only" reached 43.3 degrees.

On Friday, the temperature again looked headed for an extreme figure when it reached 39.5 degrees by 10am, but that was as hot as it got before the cooler change arrived in time for the weekend.

Bureau of Meteorology Mount Gambier station manager Craig Marsh said on Naracoorte's record hottest day on Tuesday, from 10am to just before 6pm, temperatures remained over 40 degrees.

"That's horrendous," he said. "Eight hours above 40 in doesn't happen very often."

Since Monday, the local temperature has been over 40 degrees each day and even overnight the temperature has hovered in the high 20s or low 30s. 

"This is a pretty nasty heat wave," Mr Marsh said. "The heat wave of 1908 is the only thing comparable really.

"I think we will be looking out for another record (on Thursday).

"That would be amazing to get two records in one week."

Keith also broke into the history books on Tuesday when the temperature climbed to 47 degrees - one of the hottest recorded in the State.

On Friday a cool change is expected to hit Naracoorte at about lunchtime, providing some relief with temperatures dropping into the mid to low 20s.

"The high pressure will build in the (Great Australian) Bight causing south-westerly winds," Mr Marsh said.

"It is what will replace the Tasman's north-westerly winds which were causing the excessive heat.

"The heat will be up a little bit on Monday but it will be short-lived."

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Last year was Australia's hottest year ever recorded and Mr Marsh predicted 2014 could be fairly similar.

"There's no way of saying. We will see more high temperatures in summer though," he said.

"All we need is another high (pressure build-up) in the Tasman and we will get another heat wave.

"We still have February to go and if you remember last year the beginning of March was above 30."

Adelaide is reportedly set to be the hottest capital city in the world today.

 - current temperature sourced from Bureau of Meteorology

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