Tag belonging to Naracoorte war casualty found in Norway

A POTENTIAL item of great historical significance has been discovered in Norway, with a strong link to Naracoorte.

In September, 2011, during a walk near a mountain called Kvarven, in Laksvaag, Norway, brothers Erling and Sverre Tvedten came across a tag belonging to a D. C. Church.

The pair initially believed it to belong to an Englishman but some research has led them to the conclusion the tag belonged to David Campbell Church, who is listed in Australian war casualty records as the son of Gordon Campbell and Evelina Glynde Church, of Naracoorte.

He died when his Lancaster bomber crashed on October 29, 1944, while participating in bomb attacks against a German U-Boat bunker in the Norwegian city of Bergen.

Erling said at first he was scared of his discovery but curiosity got the better of him.

"What are the chances of finding such a small object in this wilderness area after 70 years?" he said.

"Maybe he would be found."

Erling said he wanted to see the tag returned to Naracoorte, to anyone with links to the late serviceman's family.

"I want, with a great desire, to give back this tag to any relatives," he said.

- The Herald has been contacted by family members of the late Mr Church - as well as several acquaintances of the family - and they plan to get in touch with the Tvedten brothers to discuss the return of the tag. We will continue to follow the story.

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