Lucindale kicks a goal

LUCINDALE'S efforts in hosting the 2013 KNT grand finals have paid off with the football and netball clubs receiving formal recognition on Australia Day.

They were the recipients of the award for best community event.

Lucindale Football Club president Phil Clarke, vice-president Aaron Smart and netball club treasurer Tammy Wheaton said it was fantastic to be announced the winners.

"We weren't expecting it," Mr Clarke said. "It was a really good day with fantastic support.

"We had people turn up that weren't members of either club to pitch in which was great to see.

"We coordinated well with the netball club and were very happy with how it all went."

Crowd numbers on September 14 were above average and feedback from spectators and players was positive.

"We were the first of the small clubs to host the grand final in a long time - usually it's in Naracoorte or Bordertown - so we were the guinea pigs," Mr Clarke said.

"We had to make it a success or not."

Mr Smart said it was beneficial for the event to be shared around with different sporting clubs in smaller communities.

"It was good for the other stores and establishments in town," he said.

"The pub did well and I know if the general store was open it would have too.

"It benefits the whole town. All the little community groups got involved - the Scouts with the cool rooms, the camp draft supplied a marquee, Lions did the parking and we had the speed shear grandstand.

"It also makes clubs put money back into their facilities."

In the lead-up to the day the football club put nets up behind the goal posts, spruced things up with a coat of paint, cemented the coach's boxes, put up a new scoreboard and did a general tidy up, while the netball club painted new lines on the courts.

One of the big decisions made was to only let a few cars in to park around the oval.

"We copped a bit of flak about that before the day but it worked well," Mr Clarke said.

"There was more atmosphere and good viewing in all areas around the oval.

"It was safer for mothers with kids too because they didn't have to worry about vehicles driving around."

Ms Wheaton added there were adequate food and drink stations positioned around the grounds to cut down the time visitors had to stand in line which worked well.

The two clubs will pass on their information from how they ran the day to help out Mundulla which has been confirmed as host for the 2014 KNT grand finals.

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