Naracoorte toilets, alley ways subject to attack

VANDALS left their mark on a number of prominent Naracoorte sites over the weekend.

Late Friday night the public toilets in the town squares and several other locations in town were subject to graffiti attacks.

Profanities were spray painted onto the walls and mirrors in the toilets and along the alley way between Smith St and Robertson St, next to Naracoorte Pharmacy.

Pharmacy owner Alison Richards said she was very disappointed to see the wall to her store covered in expletives and inappropriate drawings.

"There has never been an incident like this before," she told the Herald.

"There has always been a bit of rubbish left in here (the alley way) at times but never to this extent.

"The worst thing is that we now have to work out how to remove it."

She sought expert advice and was informed that due to the type of material the wall is made from, painting over it might be the only option. Graffiti remover could cause the paint to soak in further and a high pressure hose could cause the surface of the wall to disintegrate.

When Naracoorte Lucindale Council were notified of the graffiti attacks three members of staff immediately attended to clean up.

Police were notified and are investigating the matter further.

Also on Friday, a small piece of glass was found in the Naracoorte Swimming Lake after a young male cut his foot while swimming. 

He was given first aid at the site and the council's works manager inspected the site shortly after. No further glass was found. 

On Saturday morning council arranged for a local diver to scour the swimming lake floor but nothing significant was found so it was cleared for normal use - which was fortunate on one of its busiest weekends of the summer in 40-plus degree heat.

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