Bool Lagoon birds|PHOTOS

BOOL Lagoon is still a hive of activity this month, with various wetland birds continuing to hang around.

Avid birdwatcher Steve Bourne has been out at Bool Lagoon in recent weeks and snapped some shots of the birdlife who are relishing water still being in Bool Lagoon and "Little Bool".

"There was bucketloads out there," he said. "And they are still out there."

"There was bucketloads out there. And they are still out there." - Steve Bourne

Mr Bourne said as the water had started to dry out the birds were more concentrated in their numbers.

Because of a wet winter in 2013 the water has been evident for longer, even with the recent hot weather.

"Sometimes there's enough to hold over until the next winter," Mr Bourne said. "But there's probably not enough this year."

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