Folk fans find the music

"EXTREMELY successful" and "a resounding success".

Those were two phrases used by Frances Folk Gathering chair Michael McGregor  to describe this year's 15th instalment of the event.

"There were no major problems or any major hassles, the weather was brilliant and the people were also beautiful and friendly...there's never any trouble in Frances."

Mr McGregor said crowds were slightly up on last year, with an estimated 1500 people coming through over the weekend - relishing the cooler weather after the heat of previous years.

Special guest Keith Potger, of "The Seekers" fame, was also well received - he amazed the crowd with his musical talent and then mingled with them as the night went on.

Guest band "Junior" - fronted by former Naracoorte musician Justin Slater - also received great reviews.

Both Mr Slater and Mr Potger judged the ever-popular Mixed Grill on Sunday, which had half the festival involved.

Groups were picked out of a hat and had a day to devise a song incorporating different parts of the gathering - and there were plenty of bribes to make sure the judges gave them a favourable mark.

Mr McGregor said he was satisfied overall.

"People were saying it was as good, if not better, than other gatherings," he said.

A resounding succes. - Frances Folk Gathering chair Michael McGregor.

"And unusually there were no complaints about anything...everyone was just chilled, it was really nice."

He said next year the committee would look to refresh the gathering, but not alter it too much.

"If we changed it, for example if we took out the mixed grill, you'd kill the gathering," Mr McGregor said.

One thing Mr McGregor said he'd like to see next year is something put in place to help with the mobility of older gatherers.

"Someone willing to lend us, as a sponsorship, a couple of golf buggies would be great," he said.

"If we had a volunteer drive up every half hour between the oval and the rest of the gathering it would just be good for those people who struggle to walk."

On behalf of the gathering Mr McGregor thanked the sponsors of the gathering for all their support, including both major sponsors from abroad and the local sponsors - including the Naracoorte Lucindale Council.

He said the committee is excited about the event just gone and is looking forward to next year.

"We can't really get bigger," he concluded. "But we can get better."

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