Fight on for baby Micah

EARLIER this month, Micah John Henderson's life changed dramatically.

The 18-month-old son of Padthaway couple Chris Henderson and Cindy Reed had an accident when he pulled the cord of a kettle and boiling hot water spilled on him.

He was left with severe burns to 30 per cent of his small body.

Cindy put him straight in the bath and kept pouring cold water on him until the ambulance arrived.

Micah was rushed to the Naracoorte hospital before being transferred with the help of the Royal Flying Doctor Service to the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital.

He is still in Adelaide, with his parents by his side, as he waits for skin grafts and treatments.

Chris and Cindy have four other children - Dylan, Lukis, Jess and Jaiden - who are staying with a family in Padthaway while their brother is in hospital.

Micah underwent his first surgery yesterday to clean and assess his burns for skin grafts.

His father Chris said it was expected to be the first of many appointments and times spent in theatre.

"We could be here a month, maybe two months or it could be longer," he told the Herald. "The doctors reckon the recovery might be ongoing until he is grown up.

"It depends on how well his body takes to the skin grafts.

"It does get very stressful. We have four other children so it has been hard on us. It certainly takes its toll."

Friend Luke Leddy has set up a fundraising page to help out the family while they go through this experience.

He said it wasn't cheap to stay in Adelaide for an unknown period of time when an accident like this occurred.

"Parking fees, food, somewhere to stay, treatment and the list goes on," he said.

"It only takes a split second for something like this to happen and I know they are going to be struggling.

"I just wanted to try and do something to help."

To show your support for Micah go to and make a donation to help out with medical expenses.

Friends have also set up a Facebook page to keep the community updated on his progress as he receives treatment in Adelaide. Visit it here:

First aid for all burn injuries:

- Remove any clothing and jewellery. Clothes hold in the heat and can make a burn worse.

- Never use ice, butter, toothpaste or creams.

- Apply 20 minutes of cool running water.

- Cover with a clean cloth or clean plastic cling wrap (do not use cling wrap for the face).

- Seek medical advice if the skin is broken or the burn area is larger than a 20 cent piece.

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