Crossing cleared to benefit 4WDers

NARACOORTE 4WD club joined forces with the Kingston Lions Club and SA Amateur Fishers Association to keep part of the Coorong open to the public.

The clubs set to work clearing the Wreck Track Crossing in the Coorong National Park near Kingston on the morning of March 8.

Not being allowed to use any petrol driven devices, out came an array of battery-operated pruners and they had the job done by late morning.

All up there were around 40 men and women and around a dozen kids helping.

"The track was terribly overgrown and access near impossible," 4WD club president Peter Flavel said.

"The track and others at the 28 mile, 32 mile, 42 mile etc are a much needed entry and, in particular, exit point from the beach.

"Users come from Adelaide, Melbourne etc and do not always think to check tide times."

Mr Flavel said inaccessibility of the track could have dire consequences.

"If we were to allow these tracks to remain inaccessible, beach users could find themselves trapped by a rising tide with possible loss of vehicle or worse," he said.

"Definitely not something you would want to experience."

As an example of how rough conditions on the tracks can be, Trevor Williams offered to take his ute up along the track with the equipment on the back.

He got stuck on the first sand dune but after letting some air out of his tyres he was up and over.

Once finished the group drove into the Kingston Lions Club camping ground at the Wreck Crossing and had lunch.

"It was a beautiful spot with plenty of shade, and we all sat around enjoying the camaraderie with newly made friends and a resolve to continue working closely with Parks SA to keep the wreck track and others open," Mr Flavel said.

"Thank you to the Kingston Lions Club, SA Amateur Fishers Association and all the Naracoorte SA 4WD members who helped out with this project."

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