Local legend | Lyle Green

HE may have a room filled with trophies and memorabilia, but that isn't how Lyle Green measures the sporting success he has enjoyed over the years.

The local is well known in football and cricket circles around the community and is the Herald's "Local Legend" for March.

"Any sporting body with team participation is a lifestyle that has endured," he said.

"You have to obey the rules, as in life. You have to occasionally do a bit of work, as in life and you can't actually go against the grain in a lot of things.

"You've got to do what you're there to do and if you don't want to do it then don't be there."

Mr Green was originally from Adelaide before he moved to Bordertown in about 1982 with his wife Sandra - who has been right behind him all the way - and sons Adrian and Cory.

He had a fruit and vegetable market there for several years before a short hiatus and relocation to Naracoorte to take over the fruit market.

After supermarkets became more prevalent and there was no longer a demand for that type of business he went to work for Tip Top.

Fifteen years passed and a business opportunity arose in the early-2000s to take over Padthaway Deli.

A decade in the job proved to be enough and the couple packed up and moved back to Naracoorte in July last year.

Mr Green's involvement in football and cricket started when he was growing up in Adelaide.

"I just went through the ranks," he said. "In those days there was only footy and cricket.

"You would look forward to the weekend, all the other days in the week didn't matter."

A fond memory was 1967 when he was in the Woodville Football Club colts team, alongside the likes of Malcolm Blight, and was presented with the association's "best and fairest" medal.

While he spent many years as a player, it was not until he started umpiring in the SE that he became a very familiar face around the region.

"Most people remember me from when I umpired football," he said.

"I have had a long interest in that. I'm well known in the local area for one phrase - 'play on'. Some people still even say that to me down the street."

As well as his passion for football, Mr Green has been heavily involved with local cricket as a player, umpire, coach, committee member, volunteer and everything in between.

He was something of a journeyman in local cricket circles, playing for a series of clubs including South Naracoorte, Naracoorte, Apsley and Borders - as well as being a key member of Naracoorte's inter-association side for many years.

In recent years, he has been instrumental in the improvements made to Wortley Oval as well as being on the boards of the local, regional and State cricket associations.

In the year 2000 he was honoured to receive a John Howard Sports Medal for cricket after being nominated by his local club and the SA Cricket Association.

Other highlights have included making a score of 150-plus for the Flinders Park Cricket Club, playing against a team of Indigenous Australians in England and umpiring the ACA Masters cricket game in 2013.

Mr Green said it was incredibly rewarding to be actively involved in community sporting clubs.

"Someone did it for me when I was a junior so this has been a way to repay the favour," he said.

"The rewarding part is seeing it how you think it should be...it is no good having the headquarters of the cricket club, for example, looking like a dump."

While he is humble about his own success, he isn't shy about what his sons have achieved in their own sporting arenas.

Adrian is a State player for lawn bowls and Cory is in the Western Australian over 30 State cricket team.

"I am really supportive and proud of what they have achieved," he said.

With the Masters Games on this weekend, Mr Green said he had been working hard to ensure Wortley Oval was in great condition and would be on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly.

"Lately we have been doing the scarifying of the oval and the forced upgrade of a new sprinkler," he said. "It was looking pretty ordinary last week.

"I will be down there from 6pm on Friday night until whatever time I'm no longer needed on Sunday.

"I might do a stint umpiring as well."

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