Reunion at Bool Lagoon School

OVER 60 people gathered at the old Bool Lagoon School site for a 70-year reunion on March 23.

Close to half were former students at some point - from 1944 when it officially opened up until 1965 when it closed at the end of third term due to lack of numbers.

Robert Seymour was the instigator of the event which past student Jack Bourne and his wife Pat helped to organise.

Mrs Bourne said there were a few things which were of great interest for the guests who travelled from as far as Adelaide, Victoria and New South Wales.

"The old toilets which have survived over the years, the frame of the old school and the old see-saw (were particularly interesting)," she said.

"A lot of people had interesting stories to tell, especially about how they arrived to school - by horse back, horse and cart, walking or on a bike."

The day started out with a stroll around the school site followed by lunch in the hall and a look at all the displays of photos and memorabilia.

There were several speeches by former students including Barbara Johnson who was one of first to attend the school.

She spoke about how wonderful the teachers were considering all they had to do - from harnessing children onto ponies and cleaning the long drop toilets.

"They are the sort of things that, on reflection, we took for granted," she said.

"They really were great days. I have a lot of admiration for what the young school teachers did.

"Lots of families looked after everybody...there was support of the whole community."

When the school closed many of the students went off to boarding school.

"It was a very affluent time in the area," Mrs Johnson said.

"Wool prices were the highest they had ever been. It was just easier to send us to school in Adelaide."

Overall, she said the reunion was a great success and nice opportunity to reminisce.

"It was a very happy day and all enjoyed it."

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