Cave adventurer gets in a tight spot

AN UNFORTUNATE cave adventurer had to be rescued on the weekend after a trip down Naracoorte's Wet Cave turned sour.

The man was traversing the world heritage listed Naracoorte Caves on Saturday when he fell, injuring his head and hand and dislocating a knee 200m into the cave.

Ambulance crews along with CFS crews from Joanna and Naracoorte were called in with the patient unable to be walked out.

The Naracoorte CFS rescue unit, with rope rescue trailer, was called to the scene. In consultation with the ambulance it was decided to bring the patient out on a stokes litter basket.

Naracoorte CFS captain Shane Smith said it was a tricky situation.

"We had to go over a ledge to get him out," he said. "Between the roof of the cave and the floor where he was there was probably a metre and a half space."

The crews slid the patient out and then set up a hauling rope to get him up three flights of stairs and out into open air with the aid of several cave guides. Mr Smith thanked everyone involved.

The whole process took roughly an hour.

Mr Smith thanked everyone for their cooperation on the rescue, which on average comes once a year, including the ambulance crews and the cave guides.

"I'd like to thank all the cave guides for their help," he said. "We worked well as a team."

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