Fantastic day at hockey

IT WAS fantastic day for the first round of hockey in Naracoorte on Saturday.

Hooked In2 Hockey participant Will Legoe hits for goal. - Christine Bull Photography photos

Hooked In2 Hockey participant Will Legoe hits for goal. - Christine Bull Photography photos

The fields looked great, with plenty of people and a canteen full of food. 

Of course, this being the first day of the 2014 season, some organisation still needed to occur, especially with people new to the great game of hockey. 

The write-ups this week focus on the Kingston-Lucindale Rangers, who played Greenbottles. 

A split round meant that Redlegs played the Brolgas at the Edenhope turf. It was good to see a number of members helping other clubs out, whether it was playing in a team that was short, umpiring or showing great sportsmanship. It is sure to be a great year of hockey.

Hooked into Hockey - A sunny morning saw a good turnout of under 9s participate with great enthusiasm in the first session of Hooked into Hockey of season 2014. 

The morning consisted of a mix of drills including dribbling, hitting and pushing. There were lots of laughs and everyone is looking forward to the year ahead. Hooked into Hockey happens at 11am each Saturday with all equipment provided. 

New players are always welcome.


Greenbottles def Rangers 4-2.

Goals GB Lachy Garrigan 3, Hamish Probert; Rangers Tom Cobiac, Tahlia Kirkland.

Bests GB Fletcher Tully, Sammy Smith, Hamish Probert; Rangers Morgan Farrell (Goalie), Tori O'Bryan, Lauren Farrell.

The first game of the season started off strongly for both teams. 

Quickly the Rangers worked together with Stef Bull hitting towards goals, which was timely tapped in by Tahlia Kirkland. 

Tom Cobiac scored the second goal and the Rangers were able to hold off Greens' attacking side for the rest of the first half. 

After half time the Greens scored two quick goals to make the score even and before the end of the game. 

Isaac and Sam were in with the action for the Rangers, but Greens were able to score another two goals, giving them the lead. 

Morgan Farrell (K/L Goalie) made many amazing stops in goals, ably assisted by her fullbacks. 

The Rangers displayed great teamwork for their first game as a group who do not train together due to their distance of the members (Edenhope to Robe).

Thanks to the U13 players Mason, Sam and Isaac who made the team. 

Thanks to Lachy Garrigan for filling in for GB.


K/L Rangers def Greenbottles 4-0.

Goals K/L Mason Hill 3, Issac Hocking.

Bests Ranges Isaac Hocking, Sam Pitt, Mason Hill; GB Emily Eastwood, Hannah Yates, Callum Carruthers-Murray.

The U/13s enjoyed an exciting game of hockey with a very strong effort from all players. 

The Rangers played one of their best games of hockey ever using excellent teamwork, great ball skills and lots of impressive reverse stick dodges. 

Their goal-hungry forwards had many shots on goal, and despite a great effort from the Greenbottles goalie, managed to score. 

This was the Rangers' first win in a number of years and it looks like a promising season ahead for this enthusiastic young team. 

Charley Falla-Jones played his first game and thoroughly enjoyed himself. The GB side is young, but they enjoyed their game. A big thanks for Evie and David Dow and Jen Ellis for filling in for this game.


Greenbottles def K/L Rangers 3-2.

Goals GB Hugh Teate, Grant Yeates, Derek James.

Bests GB Matt Drew, Scott Copping, Scott Murray; Rangers Kenn Jardine, Richie Kirkland, Alec Ross.

It took some time for the GB men to get themselves organised, but after a while and borrowing two players from the Rangers, the game started - GB's penalty for the late start was a two-goal advantage to the Rangers. 

The Rangers had a good line up with a couple on the bench. 

Young Brody Kirkland was goalie and he was ably assisted by his experienced teammates. 

Rangers had a few players making the statement that five minutes of hockey is plenty for the first round! 

Kenn Jardine attempted to stop a GB goal with an amazing dive in the goals, but the ball went through by Derek James. Thanks to young Mason Hill and to wise Peter Hocking for filling in for GB.


Greenbottles def K/L Rangers 3-1.

Goals GB Victoria Ghezzi 2, Lucy Possingham; Rangers Anne Freeman.

Bests GB Beth Drew, Sile Legoe, Kate Schubert; Rangers Tahlia Kirkland, Heather Gibbons, Tara-Lee O'Bryan.

The Rangers have a change in team members this year, but they worked together. 

At a short corner Anne Freeman hit Ranger's first and only goal. 

Quite a few goal attempts were made by Rangers to bring the ball to the circle, but GB were too good in defence. 

Mother and daughter team, Carlee and Tara-Lee O'Bryan were very good at clearing the ball out of goals and stopping many attempts by GB. 

GB Tori Ghezzi made an amazing dive to force a goal for GB, but Sharon Clothier (K/L goalie) kicked it away. 

Heather Gibbons was communicating most of the game to her teammates. Thanks to the U/16 young ladies who helped out and also to Tahlia Kirkland who has also stepped up. 

Thanks to Anne Freeman and Chrissy Jardine for filling in.

Other results:

U/13 West Wimmera def Redlegs 1-0. Goals WWB Sophia Shand; Best WWB Jaali Brennan, Jordon Baxter, Isabella Hawkins; Reds Lukis Reed, Rachael Bird, Chelsea Meulders. 

U/16 West Wimmera drew Redlegs 6-6. Goals WWB George Shand 4, Oscar Rainsford, Hattie Shand; Reds Lachie Busiko 5, Matt Becroft; Best WWB Laura Munn, Oliver Chaston, Jarred Waugh; Reds Jason Smith, Matthew Bunnik, Rachael McKay. 

Women West Wimmera Brolgas def Redlegs 8-0. Goals Hattie Shand 3, Toni Domaschenz 3, Brigitta White, Laura Munn; Bests WWB Sarah Mutch, Toni Domaschenz, Annie Osborn; Reds Kelly Gale, Tyna Murray, Sam Bunnik. 

Men West Wimmera Brolgas drew Redlegs 2-2. Goals WWB Keiren Brennan 2; Reds Andrew Fitzgerald, Troy Harris; Best WWB Keiren Brennan, George Shand, Brendan Schmidt; Reds James Gale, Andrew Fitzgerald, Luke Bunnik.

Next week's write-up will feature the Brolgas and their game at Edenhope with scores only for Darts v Reds. 

For more hockey information checkout the website or facebookK Naracoorte and District Hockey Association. 

Games start at 11.15am (SA time).

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