Two out of two for three teams in KNT netball

ROUND 2 WRAP-UP: BORDER Districts, Bordertown and Keith all made it two wins from the opening two rounds in KNT netball to sit on top of the ladder.

Border Districts and Lucindale had a tight tussle with Borders coming out on top.

Plenty of defensive pressure all over the court created many turnovers, which saw Borders capitalise the most and they came away with a good win. 

In the Anzac Day clash at Naracoorte, Kybybolite took it right up to the reigning premiers. It was a strongly contested and fast game at the start with Naracoorte up by three at quarter time. Strong defence by Kyby enabled them to even the score at half time.

Kyby shot well in the third to lead by four at the last break. However with Melanie Pretlove shooting well and a few changes by Naracoorte, the Demons got home by one solitary goal.

Mundulla travelled to Penola and got off to a flyer, scoring four quick goals. Penola settled and pegged them back to be up by one at quarter time. From then on Mundulla continued to improve, increasing their lead at every break. Penola managed to apply adequate pressure until half time, before letting Mundulla run all over them in the second half.

Bordertown and Kingston had a close first quarter with the Roosters up by two. Bordertown settled in the second quarter, which saw them extend the margin.

Kingston fought the game out to the end, but Bordertown proved too strong to win by 25 goals.

Keith and Padthaway also had a closely contested opening quarter, with plenty of turnovers. Keith regrouped in the second and worked a lot harder in attack to outscore Padthaway by 11.

The second half was much the same and saw some tough physical netball and some great intercepts through the mid-court, with Keith eventually winning by 26.

A reserves

Naracoorte started strongly against Kybybolite and were up by five at quarter time. Kyby fought back and gained some top intercepts across the court. Both teams steadied and produced good passages of play as Naracoorte held on to win by six goals.

Penola and Mundulla staged a titanic tussle with the scores close throughout. After four solid quarters, Mundulla came out in front by one at the final whistle.

The first quarter between Bordertown and Kingston was full of turnovers and reasonably even. Bordertown hit their straps in the second with great defensive pressure and beautiful shooting.

Kingston continued to try hard throughout, but Bordertown finished well and great shooting by Holly Jefferies enabled them to win by 36.

Keith and Padthaway had an even first half, with both teams struggling to capitalise on turnovers. Strong defensive play made it difficult for both teams to use the ball in attack.

The Crows settled going into the third quarter break and came out firing in the last to win by 15 goals.

Lucindale started well against Border Districts to lead by six at the first break. Mel Gear dominated the centre for the Roos and with consistent shooting by the goalies they were hard to stop.

The Borders girls did get to within three, but Lucindale went on to win by seven goals. 


A Grade

Bordertown 54 d. Kingston 29. Best: H. Densley, J. Lange; Y. Stewart, J. Smart.

Keith 42 d. Padthaway 16. Best: A. Schreiber, M. Harper; E. Edwards, S. Power.

Mundulla 52 d. Penola 35. Best: M. Nankivell, P. Marra; C. Doyle, K. Nankivell.

Border Districts 44 d. Lucindale 30. Best: T. Jacob, A. Nolan; A. Stewart, S. Dyer.

Naracoorte 40 d. Kybybolite 39. Best: M. Pretlove; E. Thring.


Bordertown 51 d. Kingston 15. Best: K. Fromm, H. Jefferies; C. Burns, K. Watson.

Keith 50 d. Padthaway 35. Best: A. Hines, C. Mitchell; C. Cox, E. Longbottom.

Mundulla 39 d. Penola 38. Best: E. Wilson, E. Kain; S. Hampel, K. Rowett.

Lucindale 42 d. Border Districts 35. Best: M. Gear, G. Pietsch; C. Batson, G. Hausler.

Naracorote 48 d. Kybybolite 42. Best: D. Brown, V. Kavanagh; E. Freckleton, J. Castine.


Bordertown 53 d. Kingston 19. Best: J. Nixon, G. Wise; T. Geue, T. Emery.

Keith 44 d. Padthaway 27. Best: L. Dick, T. Rehn; Z. Wilson, M. Maynard.

Penola 43 d. Mundulla 33. Best: G. Sullivan, T. Galpin; B. Wakefield, A. Pickering.

Border Districts 67 d. Lucindale 8. Best: D. Walker, N. Sears; M. Dupree.

Naracoorte 47 d. Kybybolite 26. Best: R. Brody, E. Johnson; J. Pilkington, S. Moyle.


Bordertown 28 d. Kingston 26. Best: A. Jones, D. Storch; T. Watts, C. Wright.

Keith 52 d. Padthaway 44. Best: G. Clark, E. Young; H. Grady, S. Sims.

Penola 45 d. Mundulla 27. Best: A. Copping; R. Colwill.

Border Districts 50 d. Lucindale 15. Best: J. Koch, D. Pretlove; Z. Ewer, F. England.

Naracoorte 45 d. Kybybolite 40. Best: M. Assen, K. Brodie; E. Sandercock, L. James.

17 & UNDER

Bordertown 37 d. Kingston 24. Best: M. Wilson, A. Nicholls; G. Mills, A. Drabsch.

Keith 41 d. Padthaway 39. Best: A. Erikson, M. Wachtel; B. Rayner, M. Crook.

Mundulla 35 d. Penola 32. Best: M. Freeman.

Kybybolite 45 d. Naracoorte 26. Best: A. Walker, M. Masters; R. Brody, E. Krieger.

15 & UNDER A

Bordertown 43 d. Kingston 34. Best: A. O'Donnell, T. Wilson; T. Troeth, Z. Lyon.

Keith 62 d. Padthaway 15. Best: M. Wachtel, A. Rowsell; K. Moyle-Read, C. Goodridge.

Mundulla 40 d. Penola 23. Best: A. Wetherall, J. Dent.

Border Districts 46 d. Lucindale 29. Best: E. Hausler, A. Rintoule; I. Smith, L. Smith.

Naracoorte 56 d. Kybybolite 25. Best: A. Hunter, A. Harris; A. Mould, K. Motteram.

15 & UNDER B

Bordertown 34 d. Kingston 30. Best: M. Bertus, A. Eats; O. Schinckel, K. Halloway.

Naracoorte 28 d. Kybybolite 24. Best: C. Beaumont, E. Miles; K. Smith, P. Lees.

13 & UNDER A

Kingston 22 d. Bordertown 2. Best: G. Whitehead, N. Gluyas; A. McCarthy, S. Shillabeer.

Penola 27 d. Mundulla 7. Best: L. Butler; C. Obst.

Lucindale 28 d. Border Districts 18. Best: J. Bittner, C. Smith; L. Pfitzner, E. Rintoule.

Naracoorte 46 d. Kybybolite 26. Best: T. Kavanagh, I. Stokie; S. Lillecrapp, A. McCarthy.

13 & UNDER B

Bordertown 21 d. Kingston 1. Best: H. Weatherald, R. Piggott; M. Murdock, T. Murdock.

Padthaway 23 d. Keith 15. Best: M. Bryson, I. Venables; E. Crozier, B. Culley.

Penola 18 d. Mundulla 9.

Kybybolite 18 d. Naracoorte 8. Best: F. Russell, L. Walker; C. Beaumont, C. Grundy.

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