Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club keeps busy

MEMBERS of the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club have had a busy year so far.

In January, members drove their tractors to the annual Power Rally at Milang. 

Cars line up at the Federation Dr grounds in Kingston.

Cars line up at the Federation Dr grounds in Kingston.

Rhonda and John Paech in their Chamberlain 9G and Ron Gillies in his Twin City left Naracoorte at 4.50am January 16 to arrive at Policeman Point at 10am in 42 degree heat. 

Leaving there the next morning at 4.35am they arrived in Milang at 8.50am. At noon there it was 44 degrees. 

The weather was a bit kinder on the Saturday but the previous day's heat caused numbers to be down. 

Rhonda and John managed an award for their McDonald engine. The Sunday was well supported as the weather had subsided.

Some members attended the two day Ballarat Swap Meet in February. 

The swap is organised by eight Rotary Clubs and has 2500 sites over an area of 66 acres, and 15,000 people attended the main day. 

Swappers attend this meet from New Zealand and the United States.

March 1 saw Daphne and Dennis Burford along with John and Rhonda Paech attend the annual Mundulla Show. John had some of his stationary engines on show. This show is getting more popular each year.

Twenty-two members attended the run to the "Pub in the Scrub" at Dergholm on March 24. 

The pub serves pizzas each Sunday and members thoroughly enjoyed these. On the way home a detour was made to have coffee at Penola.

Another very successful run was had to fellow members Eddie and Fay Burge's lovely garden at Mount Gambier on April 5. 

An enjoyable barbecue was had plus the members enjoyed inspecting the 250 rose bushes and various other varieties of scrubs, fruit trees, etc. 

Eddie also has a collection of stationary engines plus a very well restored 1924 Dodge 4 in his back sheds which the men enjoyed inspecting and hearing when they started up. 

Some of the enthusiastic members also went on to visit another member Bob Geraghty's very well presented sheds of engines before travelling home.

Twenty-five members travelled to Kingston on May 18 to recognise Federation Day. 

They met up with other vehicle club members from Mount Gambier, Kingston and Bordertown to have lunch at the "Old Woolstore". 

There were about 75 car enthusiasts present, driving about 25-30 different models of veteran and vintage cars. 

This day is held each year to have as many of these vehicles on the roads as possible to just make the public aware of just how much interest there is in these vehicles. 

Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club members gather at the Federation Dr grounds at Kingston on May 18.

Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club members gather at the Federation Dr grounds at Kingston on May 18.

In past years it had been held at Padthaway, Lucindale and Kybybolite football clubs. 

This year's was organised by the Bordertown club but the local club has been responsible for previous runs.

On June 29 the club will host "Around The Garages". 

Invitations have sent to the Mount Gambier, Portland, Casterton, Portland and Warrnambool clubs to spend the day in Naracoorte inspecting various sheds in the area. 

The local club will supply visitors with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and are expecting about 200 people to attend. 

Each club gets to host this event every six years.