Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra coming to town

LAST year the Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra's inaugural performance in Mount Gambier was a sellout.

Now the 70-piece band is bringing the show to Naracoorte as well, ensuring no one misses the spectacle.

Naracoorte's Rob Mutton in rehearsal with the Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra, which will perform in his home town.

Naracoorte's Rob Mutton in rehearsal with the Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra, which will perform in his home town.

Local trombone player Rob Mutton has been involved since the very beginning.

He learned to play his instrument in high school and currently performs with the Naracoorte Lucindale Town Band.

When he heard about the opportunity to play in the symphony orchestra he jumped at the chance.

"It is completely different to being in a jazz or concert band, it's an exciting challenge," he said.

"When you're trying to get the right sound out of a whole orchestra it's an amazing thing."

Rehearsals started 10 weeks prior to the event with each individual spending many hours each week perfecting their specific parts.

"It is a big job but well worth it in the end," Mr Mutton said. "The sound of an orchestra is simply not surpassed.

"There's something about the's such a full sound...very powerful.

"A lot of people say they don't like orchestral music but if they like movies then they listen to orchestral music...they hear it all the time and just don't realise it."

Mr Mutton will be joined by clarinet players Coralee McPhee, from Naracoorte, and Geoff Stephens, from Penola, on the stage.

The Naracoorte Singers will also make an appearance, accompaning the orchestra.

Last year's sold out show proved there was a demand for this music genre in the SE region.

"I would really like the Naracoorte community to get behind it and buy tickets, if not we won't be able to do it in the future," Mr Mutton said. "Last year people thought it was we know there's support.

"People want entertainment here but they have to be willing to support it.

"The orchestra has made up a very important part of the Naracoorte music scene.

"We are just trying to get music out there."

The Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra will perform in the Naracoorte Town Hall at 7.30pm on June 28.

It will then travel to the following day to the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre in Mount Gambier for a 2pm show.

Tickets are available from the Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre.

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