Liberal party committed to Barker electorate

OPINION: THE recent extended visit to the electorate of Barker by Federal Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott shows very clearly that the Liberal Party does not take us for granted.

Many of the almost 1000 Liberal Party members in Barker enjoyed the opportunity to join with other members of the community to welcome Mr Abbott to our local area.

Such active local party membership is one of the Liberals' best assets in ensuring the party never takes Barker for granted nor ignores the electorate's needs.

Well ahead of September's Federal Election, Tony Pasin, the Liberal candidate for Barker, has already dedicated himself to the electorate. Mr Pasin's energy and dedication stretches to all corners of Barker, proving he is the best candidate to represent us with compassion and distinction in the years ahead in Canberra.

The Nationals, unable to offer any tangible ideas of their own, have in desperation accused the Liberals of ignoring Barker.

As Tony Pasin knows, there's no substitute for hard work and getting out into communities. The Liberal Party is absolutely committed to rural and regional voters throughout SA, with strong representation across all areas of the state ahead of the upcoming Federal and State elections.

This stands in stark contrast to the SA Nationals, who are only standing in one of SA's rural or regional Federal seats. So much for the Nationals being the party which cares about country voters!

Few will be fooled by the National Party's "have your cake and eat it too" promises about supporting the Federal Coalition. Voters have good memories and haven't forgotten the SA Nationals' track record of getting cosy with Labor.

When push comes to shove, no one knows which way the SA Nationals will go. As Tony Abbott himself acknowledged recently whilst in Barker, if people wish to support the Coalition they need to vote for the Coalition candidate and the Coalition candidate in Barker is Tony Pasin.

After all voting for the Nationals is like placing a mystery bet at the races - you just don't know what you'll end up with, so why risk it?