What does a ton of Carbon Dioxide look like?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: IN the phoney world of "Climate Warming" we are told the price for "Carbon Emissions" here in this country is to be $23 per ton.

I think all Australians would like to know exactly what a ton of carbon dioxide looks like?

We know that a ton is a ton but is it fat, long, short, tall; or maybe a combination of all these?

But, as CO2 is an invisible gas I find it very difficult to understand just how it could possibly be measured? I wouldn't be too keen spending good money on something that I couldn't see, or is this once again just a case of political smoke and mirrors?

I may have missed the specifications for this conundrum in the past so wish to be brought up to date. 

Has anyone ever asked this question before, and does anyone out there have the answer?

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