Politicians have let us down

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: IN 2013 both Labor and Liberal politicians voted against a bill to protect SA's prime agricultural and cropping land, urban and conservation lands, from mining and unconventional gas companies.

A reader has her say before the upcoming State election.

A reader has her say before the upcoming State election.

At the same time I hear our Premier, and other politicians, proudly talk about a clean and green image; and yet I cannot see this image continuing with the potential of a myriad of gas drilling pads throughout the Limestone Coast.

The possibility of toxic chemicals polluting our air and water and land from flaring and fracking don't go with farms and food bowls with a clean, green image.

I believe our politicians have let us down by not taking the lead to protect our essential resources and communities from possible future contamination. How can they morally allow one industry to come into our region with the potential to use as much water as they like when water allocation cuts have already been made to local irrigators?

I want to see the Limestone Coast's food bowl and 30 per cent of the state's drinkable water, which lies underground, be safe from any risk of contamination. We also need to protect the mental and physical health of our communities.

In 2014 Labor are still saying it is okay for mining and unconventional gas projects to occur in our prime farmland, our backyards, and land already set aside to be protected for future generations.

The Liberals, Mitch Williams tells us now, in this last fortnight before an election, are giving "an undertaking that if elected to government on March 15 this year, the issuing of any unconventional gas licence in the SE (a licence to allow a well to be fracked) will not be contemplated until the parliamentary inquiry is completed (Herald 6/3/14).

But, the Liberals will still allow exploration to occur. I believe this is no real guarantee of protection for Limestone Coast businesses and residences. Please think carefully about your future, the future of your family and the whole Limestone Coast when you vote in the coming election.

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