Padthaway WAB celebrate 50 year milestone

PADTHAWAY Women in Agriculture and Business members and friends celebrated the group's 50th birthday on May 1.

About 60 people gathered at the Padthaway Hall for an afternoon trip down memory lane.

There was lots of laughter and fun as everyone reminisced on the past and looked towards the future.

The event was opened by president Beth Gale who welcomed southern coordinator Sandra Young, past members, present members and visitors. 

Padthaway Primary School's choir sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem before a short skit.

Guests were in stitches when past and present members entertained with a telephone call of "taking a meeting".

Mrs Gale next read a short introduction paying tribute to the former Padthaway Ladies Club who held their first meeting in the school room in 1953. 

They worked for the hall and in any district functions to entertain. 

With the help of the progress committee they also had the foresight to see the need for a playground in Padthaway. 

It was originally between the courts and the bowling club but was later moved to its current site. 

Tatiara District Council is now responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

Fifty years ago the ladies club held a meeting and invited the WAB State organiser Miss Hastings to come and enlighten members about the Women's Agricultural Bureau. 

A vote was taken and Padthaway became the 81st branch of WAB on April 8, 1964.

The seven original members were Eileen Matthews, Ronda Vogelsang, Ingrid Gensicke, Janet Lindsay, Melva Sadler, Anne Hicks and Mona Congdon.

Former secretary Eileen Matthews was then invited up to read the minutes of the very first meeting.

Later in the afternoon the ladies enjoyed a power point presentation which touched on the early years, playground, bus trip, catering, plays, conferences, guest speakers, places visited and friends together. 

Heather Edwards also put on a presentation about this year's WAB theme "Impact of Change" before a few more skits.

Gini Gale accompanied Olivia Newton-John in the hit song "Let's get Physical", although hard to achieve in a wheelchair, and Zak the dog dined in style on stage thanks to the acting skills of Alison McCarthy and Beth Ortlepp.

Members Mrs Ortlepp and Kay Inverarity sung to a CD version of John O'Dea's "Lady on the Land" which was very apt. 

Lots of laughter ensued when Heather Edwards acted out "The Old Maid and the Burglar" with the help of burglar Peter Gale and narrator Gini Gale.

Next Mrs Inverarity hosted a 1964 quiz and Sandra Young drew the raffle prizes.

Then it was onto the main event - the cutting of the cake.

Mrs Gale introduced first president Mrs Vogelsang who lit the candle, first treasurer Mrs Gensicke who fanned the flame and first secretary Mrs Matthews who cut the cake, which was made and decorated by Mrs Gale herself.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday followed by the WAB song before breaking off to enjoy afternoon tea.