Sun shines for hockey

THE sun shone for round four hockey matches in Naracoorte on Saturday.

Dartmoor celebrated a special occasion with Anne Freeman celebrating 100 games.

Anne (nee Hinze) grew up in a hockey family with both parents playing the game, her siblings, some aunties and cousins - many who are still playing.

Anne started playing hockey at age eight with Penola now known as "Riddoch Strikers" and has played ever since.

She started playing hockey with Dartmoor in 2007 and is married to a Dartmoor hockey player, Marc. Anne still plays in the Mount Gambier competition on Sundays for Riddoch Strikers.

Anne has been umpiring since she was 17, is the captain/team manager of Darts for the past five years and the last two to three years she has started to train up new umpires for Darts and well as helping other clubs if needed.

As well as being very active with the Dartmoor club (although never taking on any official roles), Anne has been president, publicity officer and continues as registrar with the Naracoorte and District Hockey Association.

Anne will continue to play for as long as she can. An umpiring session was hosted by K/L Rangers in the Naracoorte clubrooms which was presented by Andrew Doecke the umpiring coordinator, ably assisted by Amanda Edwards (on the projector).

Invites were emailed to the five club captains earlier last week inviting juniors to come along to this clinic which went through the umpiring rules.

All participants would have taken away some valuable information which will enhance their playing and/or umpiring career. Another session will be held later on. Those who replied with an RSVP were rewarded with a homemade muffin. Thanks Dokes for the time you put into this.

Hooked In2 Hockey - Children participating extended their skill set by learning the different types of dribbling.

They had fun practising and mastering their new skills with some games and drills.

The children finished the morning with a game with the multi-coloured team winning 2-0.

Goal scorers were Natasha and Joel. All children played very well, especially Cameron who played his first game of hockey.

There are only 4 H2H packs left.

Any queries contact Anne Freeman or ask when you come back to H2H next week.


Dartmoor def Greenbottles 6-0.

Goals Darts Jack Thomson 2, Brandy Lea Cummins 2, Grant Aylesbury, Odette Bruni.

Best Darts Jack Sharman, Lucy Sharman, Brandy Lea Cummings; Greens Alexander Walters, Hannah Yates, Cameron Taylor.

Both teams were ready to play some good, strong hockey.

From the very start both teams showed excellent determination for the ball. Dartmoor's more experienced side took control of the game against Greenbottles' very young and enthusiastic side.

Very early in the first half Dartmoor got their first goal by wonderful passing around many defenders.

Throughout the first half Dartmoor tried multiple times to score many more goals, but it was hard work for Dartmoor to score. This was due to the great work of the Greenbottles team backing each other up and tackling continually.

The second half was very much the same with Dartmoor's older team driving the ball forward, which was again met with many Greenbottles.

Dartmoor still managed to score but Greenbottles never gave up without a fight. The game was a delight to watch with everyone having an excellent go, with respect towards to one another everyone enjoyed the game.


Dartmoor def Greenbottles 5-1.

Goals Darts Jack Thomson 4, Lachy Garrigan; GB Fletcher Tully.

Best Darts Jack Thomson, Grant Aylesbury, Brandy Lea Cuming; GB Sammy Smith, Hamish Probert, Daniel Ker.

With Greenbottles only playing with eight experienced older players and Dartmoor's 11 young team it was set out to be a good game.

Both teams had many opportunities to score throughout the first half.

Greenbottles struggled with the lack of numbers in the forward line to score.

Dartmoor used their numbers to past the few but strong Greenbottles players to score very good passing goals.

Greenbottles never gave up having many attempts to score then having success with one very well deserved and well worked goal.

Even though the scores don't show it the game as very even with the ball travelling up and down the field all the time.

Both teams worked together with passing to one other all around the field. A good well fought out game throughout both sides to the end of the game, was an pleasure to watch


Greenbottles def Darts 4-1.

Goals: GB - Scott Murray 2, Levi Motteram, Daniel Ker; Darts Ben Thomson.

Bests GB - Scott Copping, Scott Murray, Brodie Pearce; Darts Ben Thomson, Ian Dow, Lachy Garrigan.

Reigning premiers Greenbottles put Dartmoor to the sword in the grand final rematch.

In a dominant display Greens showed they have lost nothing of their ball-handling skill as they set up multiple attacks to post four well-crafted goals.

The Greenbottles midfield was unstoppable as they overran Dartmoor early.

Newcomer goalkeeper Liam Thomas was given a thorough workout, and without his efforts the score could have been blown out much further. As the game wore on Dartmoor began to use their passing game, which by avoiding Greens more dominant players, nullified their effect on the game.

A flurry of near misses resulted, ultimately enabling a second half consolation goal to Dart's Ben Thomson.


Greenbottles def Darts 7-1.

Goals GB Lucy Possingham 3, Sile Legoe 2, Victoria Ghezzi, Robyn Pedroja; Darts Grant Aylesbury.

Best GB Lucy Possingham, Merrin Martin, Kristy Boord; Darts Annie Charlton, Jessica Thomson, Sammy Creaser.

Just before the Darts women took to the field and after the men played, president Ian made a presentation to Anne Freeman on her 100th club game for Dartmoor.

Then it was down to business as usual.

A very inexperienced Dartmoor women's team took on a very fast paced and skilful Greenbottles side.

Greenbottles got on the board early and they just kept pilling on the goals.

Jenny Aylesbury worked hard in the goals and Sam Thomson did some wonderful clearing shots from fullback.

New player Andrea Burns had more work in the backline then she hoped for her first game but did well backing up the other defenders.

Early in the second half Darts broke the run of Greens and were able to score thanks to Grant Aylesbury. As Darts is a team that doesn't train together it was obvious and Greens just outclassed them.

Thanks to Grant and Jack who helped fill in for the women.

Special mention this week was Mel Haynes and Peter Anderson who both played their first ever hockey games for Redlegs. Welcome to the great family game of hockey!

Other scores

U/13 Redlegs def K/L Rangers 6-1; Goals Reds Jacob Edwards 3, Jeffrey Stewart 2, Dylan Montgomery; Rangers Sam Pitt; Best Reds Lauren Montgomery, Jacob Edwards, Ben Goodridge & Rangers Will McLaren, Mason Hill, Lukis Reid.

U/16 K/L Rangers def Redlegs 1-0; Goals Rangers Stef Bull; Best Rangers Tori O'Bryan, Penelope Caldow, Isaac Hocking; Reds Dylan Montgomery, Jorja Doecke, Rachael McKay.

Women Redlegs def K/L Rangers 4-1; Goals Reds Kelli Harris 2, Kelly Gale, Bronwyn Heffernan; Best Reds Tyna Murray, Kylie Stewart, Emma Becroft; Rangers Penelope Caldow, Tahlia Kirkland, Sophie Jones.

Men Redlegs def K/L Rangers 1-0; Goals Reds Andrew Fitzgerald; Best Reds Andrew Fitzgerald, Adam Hancock, Peter Gale; Rangers Kenn Jardine, Alec Ross, Peter Hocking.

Round five (Saturday) all in Naracoorte: Bye for K/L Rangers.

WWB v Darts and Reds v GB.

Hooked In2 Hockey 11am. For more hockey information checkout the website or Facebook Naracoorte and District Hockey Association.

Games start at 11.15am (SA time).