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Bordertown has been just out of reach for opponents in KNT A grade netball this season.
Bordertown has been just out of reach for opponents in KNT A grade netball this season.

BORDERTOWN A grade netballers made it five wins from the opening five rounds with an eight-goal win over Kybybolite on Saturday.

In a quick and physical game, Kyby took the early lead to be two up at half time.

Bordertown lifted a gear in the second half with some great turnovers and accurate shooting and while Kyby stayed with them until the last few minutes, Bordertown pulled away to win by eight goals.

Kingston and Padthaway played an evenly contested and well fought out match.

After an even first half both sides made changes at the break, with Padthaway leading by four at three quarter time.

Kingston then made more changes and stepped up the intensity in the last. The Saints finished well and capitalised on their turnovers to get over the line by one goal.

Keith and Lucindale played a close contest, with only two goals in it at half time. Alexa Schreiber and Nikki Smart had a great match-up through the centre court, as did Sophie Dyer and Mandy Harper in Lucindale's goal circle.

Keith made some positional changes in their attack and with Georgia Cadzow shooting accurately they were able to edge ahead by four in the third quarter.

The Roos fought hard in the last, creeping back to within two, but Keith managed to capitalise better on turnovers in the dying minutes to come home with a five-goal win.

Naracoorte and Penola also had an evenly contested game, with accurate shooting at both ends. Great defensive pressure from Annie Hunter provided vital opportunities for Ash Bennier to turn the ball over when needed.

Naracoorte were able to step it up in the last quarter to come home with a great 48-39 win.

After an even first quarter Mundulla were able to draw away from Kaniva/Leeor United with an impressive display of netball.

A reserves

Kybybolite had another new line-up this week with their main goalies both away. On the other side Bordertown's goalies were consistent all game.

Kyby just could not maintain the fast paced game that Bordertown started and finished with and the Roosters ran out winners by 20 goals.

Kingston and Padthaway had a closely contested first half, before the Saints started to make some head way. Kingston produced some great defensive work when they had the chance and the shooting was excellent by both teams.

Strong pressure through the mid court enabled Kingston to gain a break and a great last quarter saw them pull away to win by 18 goals.

Keith were too good for Lucindale. The Roos showed great fight during the game, but they need to lift the level of determination and be there to play for the whole four quarters.

In the end Keith ran out winners 57-35.

Naracoorte and Penola had an even contest all game. Naracoorte started strong to lead by four at the first break. However Penola had an excellent second quarter with both goalies shooting accurately.

The sides went goal for goal in the last quarter, with Penola gaining a break at the right time to finish in front by three.

Kaniva/Leeor United had a strong three quarters against Mundulla, being up 29-24 at the last break. However Mundulla then dug deep and came home well to win by three.

A grade

Bordertown 43 d. Kybybolite 35. Best: T. Poulton, J. Lange; A. Donnelly, S. Brodie.

Mundulla 73 d. K/L United 30. Best: M. Nankivell, A. Excell; K. O'Neill, E. Stimson.

Keith 32 d. Lucindale 27. Best: M. Harper, T. Wilsdon; C. Weaver, N. Smart.

Kingston 43 d. Padthaway 42. Best: B. Clarke, J. Smart; E. Edwards, J. Poka.

Naracoorte 48 d. Penola 39. Best: A. Bennier, A. Hunter; A. Winter, C. Bradley.

A reserves

Bordertown 51 d. Kybybolite 31. Best: K. McCarthy, K. Trenorden; J. Castine, E. Thring.

Mundulla 44 d. K/L United 41. Best: T. Hillier, B. Duell; B. Dickinson, S. Munn.

Keith 57 d. Lucindale 35. Best: G. Cadzow, S. Smith; T. Ferguson, N. Wilkin.

Kingston 57 d. Padthaway 39. Best: T. Geue, T. Gluyas; R. Kirkham, E. Longbottom.

Penola 55 d. Naracoorte 52. Best: A. Cadzow, C. Doyle; M. Harris, M. Riley.

B grade

Bordertown 40 d. Kybybolite 35. Best: E. Moritz, C. Hole; N. Rowntree, A. McDonald.

Mundulla 49 d. K/L United 32. Best: D. Maney, K. Staude; K. Merrett, K. Keller.

Keith 43 d. Lucindale 22. Best: C. Gogel, L. Dick; N. Kolpondinos, S. Cannon.

Kingston 54 d. Padthaway 45. Best: A. Stenner, K. Watson; M. Maynard, Z. Wilson.

Penola 34 d. Naracoorte 25. Best: S. Walker, C. Long; E. Aitken, C. Brighton.

C grade

Kybybolite 37 d. Bordertown 29. Best: P. Gust, C. Power; J. Marshall, T. Matthews.

Mundulla 48 d. K/L United 25. Best: T. Williams, K. Bitter.

Keith 42 d. Lucindale 16. Best: S. Ryan, B. Edson; L. Mitchell, R. Savage.

Kingston 46 d. Padthaway 37. Best: T. Spada, K. Marshall; Y. Fisher, S. Sims.

Penola 60 d. Naracoorte 42. Best: N. Clayfield, L. Henningsen; G. Male, H. Lampard.

17 and under

Kybybolite 62 d. Bordertown 29. Best: C. Colliver, M. Masters, D. Lawrie; M. Wilson, A. Nicholls.

K/L United 49 d. Mundulla 25. Best: C. Tink, J. Grosser; H. Munn, L. Williams.

Padthaway 63 d. Kingston 40. Best: C. Cox, B. Woodman; C. Murdock, A. Drabsch, C. Drabsch.

Penola 49 d. Naracoorte 22. Best: H. Klemm, B. Edwards; M. Jude, J. Henschke.

15 and under A

Bordertown 60 d. Kybybolite 14. Best: L. Murch, T. Wilson; A. Mould, M. Speed.

Mundulla 50 d. K/L United 15. Best: K. Hinge, M. Williams; R. Feder, S. Kuchel.

Keith 44 d. Lucindale 25. Best: T. Wilsdon, A. Crafter; C. Ryan, A. Burdett.

Kingston 81 d. Padthaway 13. Best: B. Stenner, L. Brice-Marwood; K. Moyle-Read, H. Dolling, C. Goodridge.

Naracoorte 42 d. Penola 25. Best: S. Henschke, A. Harris; L. Fitzpatrick, R. Eckermann.

15 and under B

Bordertown 30 d. Kybybolite 25. Best: T. Fisher, S. Ward; E. Dempster, K. Petherick.

13 and under A

Kybybolite 31 d. Bordertown 11. Best: T. Ross, A. McCarthy; M. McCarthy, S. Ridge.

K/L Untied 36 d. Mundulla 35. Best: Z. Hawker, N. Munn, P. Richards, A. Dimitriadis.

Keith 23 d. Lucindale 3. Best: C. DeBarro, E. Simpson; C. Smith, G. Snodgrass.

Penola 48 d. Naracoorte 32. Best: E. Winter, K. Hutchinson; N. Green, S. Bates.

13 and under B

Bordertown 31 d. Kybybolite 11. Best: C. Langley, H. Weatherald; F. Russell, E. Botha.

Mundulla 24 d. K/L United 4. Best: E. Dowling, T. Puckridge; C. Lawrence, C. Dodson.

Keith 14 d. Lucindale 2. Best: B. Culley, T. Cox; M. Walker, G. Bittner.

Padthaway 17 d. Kingston 15. Best: P. Moyle-Read, K. Woodman; B. Dalziel, S. Haggett.

Penola 21 d. Naracoorte 11. Best: G. Winter, A. Marcus; L. Richards, T. Stanley.