Full day of racing at motorcycle club

NARACOORTE Motorcycle Club hosted a successful round of sidecar championships on May 18.

The Australian Sidecar Association held the the first round of its SA series, with sidecars being joined by solo and quad competitors for a full day of racing.

There were three rounds for each of the three disciplines and racing started at 7.30am and finished almost in darkness.

The event drew 75 riders from across SA and Victoria, with locals Brett and Hamish Dobie performing well in the sidecars to finish second despite having to try some new gear in their set-up.

Fellow local Sarah Bird also rode well in the quads to finish second in her section.

Club president Daniel James rated the event "one of the better ones we've had".

He said there was a good crowd of spectators and all riders enjoyed competing on the upgraded track, which has had some of the "nasty" corners taken out.

"The sidecars especially struggled, so now it's a lot more rideable."

Club members will next compete in an enduro event at Coonawarra in mid-June.

90-110cc  - 1st Chase Gerrits; 2nd Deanna Young.

90-125cc - 1st Cain Gerrits; 2nd Callen Holtham; 3rd Amelia Squire.

200-300cc - 1st Justin Hudak; 2nd Aidan Robinson; 3rd Kellan Robinson. 

Div 2 Women - 1st Melissa Cooper; 2nd Sarah Bird; 3rd Jayne Gerrits. 

Div 2 Men - 1st Keegan Ballantyne; 2nd Casey Cooper; 3rd Jamie Glazbrook. 

Div 1 - 1st Taylor Goldfinch; 2nd Chris Beimans; 3rd Josh Durrant. 

1st Caleb Ilesia & Mateusz Ball; 2nd Kyle & Jacob Anthony. 

1st Peter Shelton & Adam Lange; 2nd Damien Telke & Damian Egan.

1st Brett Stapleton & Shayne Carter.

1st Peter Shelton & Adam Lange; 2nd Rocky Warren & Shayne Carter; 3rd Damian Drewett & Brad Bell.

1st Daniel Ball & Ashley Ball; 2nd Damien Telke & Chris Cowie; 3rd Lara & Eliza Wedge.

1st Kristy Schultz & Courtenay Warren; 2nd Mark Potter & Duncan Greenhalgh; 3rd Eliza & Lara Wedge. 

Modern B Grade

1st Daniel & Ashley Ball; 2nd Martyn & James Wedge; 3rd Rob Schmidt & Rodney Anthony.

Modern A Grade

1st John Robinson & Brian Anthony; 2nd Brett & Hamish Dobie; 3rd Greg & Neale Anthony.