Redlegs go head to head with Greenbottles

IT WAS a beautiful day for spectators on Saturday, even just a bit too hot for hockey in Naracoorte. 

Redlegs' Tyna Murray clashes with Greenbottles opponent Kristy Boord in women's hockey on May 24 in Naracoorte.

Redlegs' Tyna Murray clashes with Greenbottles opponent Kristy Boord in women's hockey on May 24 in Naracoorte.

Redlegs vs Greenbottles, May 24.

Redlegs vs Greenbottles, May 24.

Redlegs vs Greenbottles, May 24.

Redlegs vs Greenbottles, May 24.

The write-up this week focuses on Redlegs who played Greenbottles.

H2H 10 children participated in the Hooked In2 Hockey session. 

The players were put into two teams to practice their skills which included: dribbling the ball, passing to their teammates, pushing for goal and moving into space. 

Teams worked on dribbling the ball into the circle and then pushing for goals.

Yellow def Blue 2-1.

Goals: Yellow Alex Ogilvie, Emma Thomas; Blue Natasha Moore 1.

A modified game was played, enabling the teams to put their newly taught skill into practice. 

Players improved their team work and began to spread out on the field rather than crowding each other.

U/13 Redlegs 5 def Greenbottles 0.

Goals Reds Lauren Montgomery 2, Ben Goodridge, Jeffrey Stewart, Jacob Edwards.

Bests Reds Rachael Bird, Ben Goodridge, Lauren Montgomery; Greens Emily Eastwood, Jen Ellis, Henry Boord.

With the sun shining the mood was set for a warm, tiring game. 

Redlegs' older players played a very controlled modified game against a very young Greenbottles side.

Greenbottles never gave up and had lots of support on ground but Redlegs experienced players guided the game by playing a great team match with lots of inclusion of the younger ones in the team.

Redlegs didn't let the ball go much further than the middle of the ground before turning it around and heading straight back into their attacking half.

Redlegs goalie could only look at the play happening at the other end of the field and support her team mates from afar.

Ben Goodridge scored his first goal in his second game of hockey ever.

Lauren Montgomery played a strong consistent game up front scoring two goals.

Greenbottles goalie had lots of support and it was great to see Redlegs going gentle on one so new and inexperienced but willing to have a go.

The second half was much of the same with Redlegs being strong in the attack for the ball and using all players to come out victors 5-0.

U/16 Redlegs 7 def Greenbottles 0.

Goals: Reds Lachie Busiko 6, Dylan Montgomery.

Best Reds Rachael McKay, Dylan Montgomery, Aiden Pallant; Greens Sammy Smith, Sophie Tamblyn, Cameron Taylor.

This game was really entertaining for spectators, with an open quick passing style of play.

It is pleasing to see inexperienced players evolve with their skills and confidence, with the guidance of the older players encouraging them.

Although Reds dominated on the scoreboard, Greens created several opportunities but they were held out by the stronger defence of their opponent.

Women Greenbottles def Redlegs 1-0.

Goals GB Sile Legoe.

Best Greens Kristy Boord, Sammy Smith, Sile Legoe; Reds Tyna Murray, Sarah Kitto, Jess Busiko.

It was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day for spectators but the sun was going to make it a tough game for players - and a tough game it was! 

GB started the game well with many runs into attack.

Redlegs defence held them out well to keep them scoreless early.

Greens combined well with Sile Legoe and Lucy Possingham doing well up forward to keep the pressure on Redlegs defence.

Tyna Murray and Jess Busiko did well to help Reds keep Greens out of their attack.

Redlegs picked up with many runs up forward and great passing through their forward line. Sarah Kitto had some great runs down the wing helping create opportunities up forward.

Greens players Kristy Boord, Shannan Derrington and Sammy Smith stood out in the defence stopping a few Redlegs runs toward goal.

Greens finally broke through Redlegs defence with a goal from Sile Legoe.

Both teams having more opportunities to score and many close calls near the goal posts.

Goalkeepers for both teams had some great stops as well. A well fought out and fun game from both sides. The final score 1-0 showing how close the game was. 

Well done to both teams.

Men Redlegs drew Greenbottles 1-1.

Goals Reds Lachie Busiko; GB Levi Motteram.

Bests Reds Lachie Busiko, Adam Hancock, Troy Harris; GB Tom Hood, Grant Yates, Levi Motteram.

The match started with Greenbottles pushing forward into the Redlegs defence where the game seemed to stay for quite a while.

Troy Harris put in a solid effort in the backline to help keep the ball out of the Redlegs circle but inevitably Derek James would regain possession to create a new play for the Greenbottles offence.

The game settled into a more even stride with both teams sharing runs into attack but still having trouble getting a clean shot away inside the circle, until Lachie Busiko broke the deadlock with a goal from a run along the baseline before the end of the first half.

It wasn't too long after the break when Greenbottles showed some great passing to break through the Redlegs wall allowing Levi Motteram to score the equaliser.

Efforts intensified as the time was running out with the scores still tied and Redlegs became undermanned as two players were sent behind the goals for a short break by the umpires.

Greenbottles earned a number of short corners with one being awarded on the final whistle. Redlegs managed to clear the ball securing themselves a one all draw.

U/13Darts def Brolgas 2-0; Goals Darts Jack Thomson, Brandy Lea Cuming. Best Darts Bindi Cuming, Jack Sharman, David Dow. WWB not supplied.

U/16Brolgas def Darts 5-1; Goals WWB Hattie Shand 2, Oliver Chaston, Oscar Rainsford, Rachael Ferluga & Darts Jack Thomson; Bests WWB not supplied. Darts Lachy Garrigan, Lucy Sharman, Jess Thomson.

MenDarts def WWB 4-2; Goals Darts Ben Thomson 2, John Sadler, Lachy Garrigan & WWB Keiren Brennan 2; Best Darts Michael Hutchinson, Liam Thomas, Craig Fabris. WWB not supplied. 

WomenBrolgas def Darts 4-0; Goals WWB Sarah Mutch 2, Rachael Lloyd, Laura Munn; Best WWB not supplied. Darts Christina Jardine, Annie Charlton, Sam Thomson.

Round six, Saturday. Split round with Brolgas v Reds in Edenhope and GB v K/L Rangers in Naracoorte. Bye for Dartmoor.

Hooked In2 Hockey 11am. For more hockey information checkout the website or Facebook Naracoorte and District Hockey Association. Games start at 11.15am (SA time).