KNT netball round 6

REPORT: PADTHAWAY and Mundulla played a high calibre opening quarter of A grade KNT netball, with both teams converting from their opportunities and the Tigers having a small lead at the first break.

Mundulla's goalies were highly accurate and they had some great ball movement to build a healthy lead at three quarter time. 

Padthaway changed their team around and had some good passages of play, but the damage was done by a slick Mundulla side.

Bordertown kept its unbeaten record intact with a six goal win over Naracoorte.

The opening quarter was an even, fast paced contest with Bordertown having a one goal lead at the first break. 

The Rooster defenders created turnovers to help give their side a five-goal advantage at half time.

Naracoorte came out firing in the third to bring the margin back to one going into the last quarter. 

However Bordertown were able to regroup and played a strong final quarter to came away with a six goal win.

In a tightly contested game Kybybolite hung on to defeat Keith by one goal. 

Kyby flew out of the blocks to be nine up at quarter time. Keith's new combination managed to close the gap and be only down by five at half time.

The last half was a tight tussle, but Kyby's accuracy got them over the line.

Lucindale were fast and accurate from the first whistle, as Kaniva/Leeor United did their best to stick with them for the first half. It was tough work in goals at both ends.

The third quarter saw KLU lift but it was not enough as Lucindale were deserving victors on the day. Border Districts got off to a strong start to lead Penola by seven at quarter time. Penola played beautiful netball in the second, winning that quarter by one goal.

The third quarter saw another great tussle all over the court, with some brilliant defensive pressure applied by both teams. 

Borders were able to play a solid last quarter to run out winners by 14 goals.

A reserves

Bordertown recorded a good win over Naracoorte. The first quarter started even with goalies shooting well. The Roosters were able to create some good turnovers to gain a slight lead.

Bordertown were able to build on their lead each quarter and finished 25 goals in front. Keith and Kybybolite both started with strong court play, as inaccurate shooting by the Crows kept the scores close at quarter time. Keith's defence was tight throughout the first half and as their goalies found their range, the extended their lead at half time.

The last half saw Keith maintain strong pressure over the whole court to run away with the win.

At Padthaway, Mundulla started strongly with accurate shooting. Padthaway came back in the second, but could not quite gain the lead.

Mundulla continued to work the ball smoothly down the court in the second half to win the game.

Lucindale got off to a good start with a 12-6 opening quarter. Kaniva Leeor United kept at them and by the end of the third quarter the Cougars held a one-goal lead.

In a tough and nail-biting final quarter Lucindale's Taylor Ferguson and Natasha Wilkin gave their all, but the K/L goalies Sharon Munn and Holly Pepper held their nerve and shot well to help the Cougars pull off a two-goal win.

Penola and Border Districts fought out a thrilling draw. Penola had some brilliant passages of play and applied pressure all over the court against tough opposition.

Borders were able to lift in the last quarter to draw level and it was 45 all at the final whistle.

A Grade

Bordertown 51 d. Naracoorte 45. Best: J. Lange, N. Twigden; M. Fennell, A. Bennier.

Kybybolite 31 d. Keith 30. Best: S. Arnold, A. Donnelly; T. Wilsdon, M. Harper.

Mundulla 59 d. Padthaway 31. Best: A. Wendelborn, M. Nankivell; S. Day, C. McElroy.

Lucindale 54 d. K/L United 29. Best: M. Gear, N. Smart; C. Feder, K. O'Neill.

Border Districts 48 d. Penola 34. Best: G. Nolan, T. Atkinson; K. Nankivell, A. Lambert.

A reserves. Bordertown 57 d. Naracoorte 32. Best: J. Hill, G. Exton; D. Brown, A. Harris.

Keith 50 d. Kybybolite 24. Best: C. Weckert, C. Mitchell; J. Castine, E. Freckleton.

Mundulla 66 d. Padthaway 39. Best: T. Hillier, M. Redden; C. Cox, K. Brown.

K/L United 37 d. Lucindale 35. S. Munn, B. Dickinson; T. Ferguson, N. Wilkin.

Penola 45 drew with Border Districts 45. Best: E. Wilson, K. Moore; T. Hindson, K. Cother.

B grade

Naracoorte 43 d. Bordertown 35. Best: B. McCarthy, F. Aitken; K. Murch, S. Weatherald.

Keith 44 d. Kybybolite 33. Best: C. Gogel, C. Ryan; S. Kelley, J. Pilkington.

Padthaway 33 d. Mundulla 32. Best: K. Lang, M. Durston; K. Croser, S. Bailey.

Lucindale 40 d. K/L United 31. Best: T. Maxwell, N. Kolpondinos; B. Tootell, N. Witmitz.

Penola 21 drew with Border Districts 21. Best: C. Long, P. Wishart; R. Mahney, N. Sears.

C grade

Naracoorte 22 d. Bordertown 17. Best: K. Brodie, K. Pope; J. Barton, A. Jones.

Kybybolite 37 d. Keith 26. Best: H. Clothier, T. Smith; B. Jones, K. Deery.

Mundulla 67 d. Padthaway 13. Best: J. Edge, M. Leach; Y. Fisher, B. Longbottom.

K/L United 35 d. Lucindale 25. Best: E. McFadden, F. Finlayson; R. Savage, A. Goodman.

Penola 49 d. Border Districts 39. Best: M. Currie, T. Minge; A. Craig, D. Walker.

17 and under

Naracoorte 53 d. Bordertown 51. Best: A. Hayes, E. Wilson; C. Rogers, L. Virgin.

Kybybolite 36 d. Keith 30. Best: A. Walker, E. Case; C. Jones, D. Hutchins.

Padthaway 52 d. Mundulla 28. Best: C. Fabris, K. Borg; K. Hinge, M. Packer.

Border Districts 41 d. Penola 36. Best: A. Nolan, G. Hausler; B. Edwards, M. Freeman.

15 and under A.

Bordertown 31 d. Naracoorte 19. Best: L. Murch, A. Fry; A. Hunter, A. Harris.

Keith 58 d. Kybybolite 17. Best: G. Gogel, A. Crafter; N. Bedworth, S. Maber.

Mundulla 71 d. Padthaway 18. Best: K. Richards, N. Winter; H. Dolling, M. Pridham.

Lucindale 39 d. K/L United 31. Best: E. Gill, I. Smith; E. Hodges, R. Feder.

Border Districts 38 d. Penola 31. Best: L. Fitzpatrick, A. Wetherall.

15 and under B

Bordertown 32 d. Naracoorte 20. Best: T. Shaw, A. Eats; M. Jude, Z. Foster.

Keith 34 d. Kybybolite 20. Best: C. Nicolai, E. Gilbertson; K. Petherick, C. Homan.

13 and under A. Naracoorte 44 d. Bordertown 34. Best: N. Green, T. Kavanagh; E. Day, A. Hinge.

Keith 37 d. Kybybolite 17. Best: C. DeBarro, S. Tuckwell; A. Trader, S. Lillecrapp.

K/L United 35 d. Lucindale 15. Best: Z. Hawker, K. Hawker; G. Thompson, J. Bittner.

Penola 29 d. Border Districts 9. Best: K. Hutchesson, K. Colbert; M. Pretlove.

13 and under B.

Bordertown 29 d. Naracoorte 14. Best: M. Inglis, L. Hicks; A. McCulloch, K. Wellington.

Kybybolite 20 d. Keith 9. Best: P. Lees, E. Botha; B. Erikson, J. Gilbertson.

Padthaway 21 d. Mundulla 17. Best: P. Moyle-Read, S. Hayes; T. O'Sullivan, E. Staude.

Lucindale 10 d. K/L United 5.

Bordertown vs Naracoorte, May 24.

Bordertown vs Naracoorte, May 24.