Naracoorte hockey split round

SPECTATORS were a little bit light on at Naracoorte on Saturday due to the split round. 

The write-up this week focuses on K/L Rangers who played Greenbottles. This week saw some younger umpires taking control of the game - well done to the young people who are taking the next step up and doing a fantastic job.

Round seven after the June long weekend is Fancy Dress at Furner. All Clubs are encouraged to participate and have some "Furner Fancy Fun".

K/L Rangers' Stef Bull beats Hamish Probert of Greenbottles in the race for the ball in their under 16s clash. - Christine Bull Photography.

K/L Rangers' Stef Bull beats Hamish Probert of Greenbottles in the race for the ball in their under 16s clash. - Christine Bull Photography.

Hooked into Hockey

Twelve children came along, some regulars and a few new faces which are always very welcome. The focus of the session was on passing. 

Some excellent coaching and demonstrations from Daniel Ker and Tanah Pearce from GB saw the kids showing great form. The session started with practising hitting a ball to a partner then progressed into a little game of shooting against 11 goalies on the line! All the kids had plenty of turns.

The session finished with a game, colours versus gold and greens! The plan was to use the game to practice their passing. They all got stuck in and were very keen to get the ball. Both teams made some passes to move the ball towards their goals. The result was lots of happy faces!


K/L Rangers def Greenbottles 5-0.

Goals - Rangers Isaac Hocking, Mason Hill. Best - Rangers Alyssa Hocking, Will McLaren, Emily Brewster-Strickland; GB Zoe James, Sophie Waters, Hugh Berry.

Welcome back to Emily and Hailey to Rangers after a short break. A well played game by the Rangers with their first goal scored by Isaac Hocking - who was nicely congratulated by his teammates. 

Charley Falla-Jones was the goalie in the first half and little Will McLaren (with a great big grin) as the goalie in the second half for the Rangers.

Greens tried really hard to get the ball down into their goals. They had a short corner whilst Will was goalie. Both teams were fairly even in height and age. Mason Hill scored the second goal just before the end. Great to watch and even better watching the excited GB parents assisting their little ones. Greens had an unregistered player, therefore losing on a forfeit 5-0.


Greenbottles def K/L Rangers 4-0.

Goals - GB Daniel Ker 2, Fletcher Tully 2. Best - GB Hamish Probert, Tanah Pearce, Fletcher Tully; Rangers Sam Pitt, Tom Cobiac, Sophie Jones.

Excellent stick work by Stef Bull from K/L Rangers which gave an indication of the type of game against Greens that would be played. Greens scored first and Daniel for Greens shows us his juggling skills with the ball balanced on his stick. 

Greens had scored a second goal by half time. Tom Cobiac took the opportunity to check the length of the grass a few times and Penelope Caldow agreed "it's short". 

The umpired warned players about chopping and a few were carded. Second half Greens came out firing. Rangers gave as good as they got, not making it easy in any way. The final score represents the battle on the field 3-0. A big thanks to all the U/13 players who filled in. It can be a daunting task for eight-year-olds to challenge teenagers when they are carrying a stick. Great job!


Greenbottles def K/L Rangers 2-0.

Goals - GB Mia James 2.

Best - GB Shannan Derrington, Tanah Pearce, Sile Legoe; Rangers Tahlia Kirkland, Carlee O'Bryan, Sam Thomson.

Rangers started with a depleted women's team filling in numbers with all of the U/16 girls who had just played. Sam Thomson from Dartmoor also helped out (thanks Sam!). Greens had three consecutive cracks at goal. 

All were stopped by Rangers goalie (Morgan Farrell). Greens persisted and were constantly attacking Rangers defence. There were a few missed opportunities and so by half time the game was scoreless. Greens scored with an open goal as the Rangers goalie was entangled with a Greens player on the ground. Nothing quite like a goal to fire everybody up! The second half was played with great determination by both sides. The ball travelled back and forth with great defensive work shown by each side. 

Greens second goal trickled in through the feet of several players towards the end of the game. The game finished after a short corner in the Rangers end. Thanks to Alex G for consoling the wounded!


Greenbottles def K/L Rangers 5-3.

Goals - GB Brodi Pearce 2, Levi Motteram 2, Gavin Boord; Rangers Alec Ross 2, Xarn O'Bryan. Best - GB Charlie Legoe, Mick Derrington, Tom Giles; Rangers Reh Ullah, Blake Clutterbuck, Xarn O'Bryan.

On a cooler weekend both teams came out from the start seemingly somewhat sluggish. The Greens had the majority of possession of the ball and had themselves an early goal after a fumbling effort of the Rangers. 

Rangers then lifted their game and started to play with them levelling the score. Greens had a quick reply using a short corner and flick over the Rangers Goalie, taking the scores to 2 -1. At the halftime break the Rangers must have had something in their water, as they seemed to come out stronger and more determined giving them more possession of the ball. 

Mick D spent five minutes behind goals for a misdemeanour. This however didn't deter the Greens forwards with a breakthrough of the Rangers defence and another goal placing them two goals ahead. 

Rangers replied using a short corner and scored another bringing them back into the game. Greens attacked again and again the fatigue was starting to play a major role. After a few good shots on goal the Greens managed to convert with another goal. 

The match played out evenly then with both teams scoring again leaving the scores 5-3.

Other results:

U/13 WWB def Reds 1-0. Goals - WWB Jaali Brennan; Best - WWB not submitted; Reds Jacob Edwards, Matt Becroft and Aiden Pallant.

U/16 Reds def WWB 4-0. Goals - Reds Lachie Busiko 3, Aiden Pallant 1; WWB Sophia Shand, Georgia Baxter, Oscar Rainsford. Best - Reds Rachael Bird, Ben Goodridge, Maddie Johnson; WWB not submitted.

Women WWB def Reds 4-1. Goals - WWB Branca Clutterbuck, Toni Domaschenz, Rachael Lloyd, Brigitta White; Reds Bronwyn Heffernan. Best - WWB not submitted; Reds Tyna Murray, Kelly Gale, Leah Fitzgerald.

Men WWB def Reds 5-3. Goals - WWB Cory Baxter 2, Keiren Brennan, George Brady, Oscar Rainsford; Reds Lachie Busiko 2, Andrew Doecke. Best - WWB not submitted; Reds Lachie Busiko, Chris Pohlner, Jason Smith. 

Round 7 (June 14) - All at Furner with a fancy dress theme. K/L Rangers v Darts and GB v WWB. Redlegs, bye.

Games start at 11.15am (SA time). There will be no Hooked In2 Hockey at Furner. 

For more hockey information, check out the website or Facebook Naracoorte and District Hockey Association.