All aboard the Leeuwin | Sailing the WA coast

A YOUNG local's passion for tall ship sailing saw her venture to Western Australia and spend eight days sailing the STS Leeuwin II along the Western Australia coast earlier this month.

Twenty-year-old Jess Busiko returned from an ocean voyage aboard Western Australia's tall ship the Leeuwin on Sunday after her passion for sailing led her to join the adventure voyage which departed from the iconic Western Australian destination of Monkey Mia on June 1.

Jess Busiko climbs the mast of the tall ship STS Leeuwin II earlier this month.

Jess Busiko climbs the mast of the tall ship STS Leeuwin II earlier this month.

After having sailed aboard New South Wales' sail training ship the Young Endeavour, Jess was inspired to follow her passion to Western Australian waters and try out her skills aboard another ship.

During the voyage Jess took up the Leeuwin's "challenge by choice" motto and participated in every aspect of sailing the traditional tall ship including climbing the 33m main mast, keeping watch at night, scrubbing the decks, galley duty, taking the helm and navigating the journey home.

Jess joined a group of 20 other young people ranging from 14 to 30 years old to learn to sail the ship.

Run by not-for-profit organisation the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, the voyages aim to challenge and inspire young people to realise their personal potential and develop a positive self-concept through sail training.

Jess said the highlights of the experience were meeting great people and climbing aloft.

"It was a challenging experience but a lot of fun, and something I'd definitely do again," she said.

"At night when we did bow lookout, was the time that some of the younger trainees would actually open up and you'd really get to know people."

She was able to take part in the Leeuwin voyage through receiving a scholarship from the Minderoo Foundation, founded by Andrew and Nicola Forrest.

Her time sailing on Leeuwin and other ships has inspired her to pursue a career in the outdoors.

"One day I'd like to maybe see myself working on Windward Bound," Jess said.