Students reunite after 30 years

THIRTY years is a long time for anyone, but for a group of Naracoorte High School students it went like the blink of an eye.

The Year 9 old scholars from 1980 gathered to reminisce about the "good old days" at the Naracoorte Hotel on May 24.

Scholars travelled from as far as Perth, Melbourne, Wagga and Canberra but for those that travelled there were just as many who still live locally.

Some hadn't changed a bit, yet others were almost unrecognisable, but there was one constant: the camaraderie and strength of friendship which shone through on the night, old friends were reacquainted, and lifelong friendships were strengthened.

Old scholar Joe Chaplin said: "It mattered not the bank balance nor the letters beside your name, for a few magical hours we were Year 9s again as the stories were regaled and embellished, those that we lost along the way were remembered, a glass raised to their memories, we talked about school (obviously) and teachers and loves lost and opportunities missed, about sporting dreams and artistic endeavours.

"The fun we had as kids growing up before the internet, laptops, smart phones and home loans, ironically it was the ubiquitous Facebook social networking service which conspired to bring us back together.

"It certainly was a trip down memory lane and what a trip it was, the overwhelming feeling to emerge from the night was how close we were, how much we meant to each other then and now, and the role that the town of Naracoorte and the high school played in our development.

"Whether we have the next reunion in three years or five years or 10 is irrelevant, there will be another and for those that missed this one it doesn't matter because you will be welcome at the next."

Due to the overwhelming response, there was enough money raised to donate $600 to "Mickey's Friends with Benefits" charity.

The ex-students thanked organisers Pete Buckle, Jon Giddings, Bec Paech and Paula Burzacott for the photographs, Scott McBain and Mickey's Disco for the entertainment and Henry Mould and the Naracoorte Hotel for the excellent venue.