Fancy dress for hockey at Furner

WHAT a great day at Furner of a fancy dress round of hockey! 

The weather was perfect and it was lovely to see splashes of colour and sometimes unidentifiable players enjoying the fancy dress.

Thanks to the secret judges who chose the prizes: Best Fancy Dress Stick - Will McLaren and Isaac Hocking; Best Fancy Dressed Hockey Player - Grant Closter (goalie for Brolgas); Best Fancy Dressed Spectators - Lisa Eastwood and Deb Pearce; Best Fancy Dressed players - Rory Caldow, Hamish Probert, Brody Kirkland and Tom Cobiac; Best Fancy Dressed Team - K/L Rangers women (all had a touch of red); Best Fancy Dressed Umpire - Stef Bull. 

Special mention to Olly Chaston as a rabbit, Lachy Garrigan as a squirrel and Tahlia Kirkland and her lamb in the "Mary had a little lamb" theme.

BROLGAS were too good for Greenbottles in three out of four games on the weekend in Naracoorte and District Hockey.

Great to see the Kookaburras (men) have a win and well done to the Hockeyroos (women) with their adventure - something that our locals admire.

Again thanks to our umpires, some who take on buddies, some who go that step further and those who are learning. A great step forward!

U/13 West Wimmera Brolgas def Greenbottles 5-0.

Goals - Brolgas Rachael Maddern 2, Isabella Hawkins, Henry Hawkins, Jaali Brennan. Best - Brolgas Isabella Hawkins, Rachael Maddern, Georgia Baxter; GB - Henry Boord, Emily Eastwood, Sophie Waters.

The Brolgaroos started the game with a positive attacking attitude and scored an early goal. Greenbottles were strong in defence and challenged the Brolgaroos to score again.

It was wonderful to see an enthusiastic and determined up and coming Greenbottles team. The Brolgaroos continued their positive play to win the game. Obviously a spin off from the World Cup.

U/16 West Wimmera Brolgas def Greenbottles 4-0.

Goals - Brolgas Oliver "Rabbit" Chaston 2, Sophia Shand 2. Best - Brolgas Maddie Mutch, Jarred Waugh, Sophia Shand; GB - Daniel Ker, Darcy Tully, Cameron Taylor.

Greens' defence was tested from the start of the game with Brolgas scoring early. Greens' defence held up well through the entire match and a few quick breaks gave them chances on goal.

Both sides played well as a team and shared the ball well. Brolgas attacked the ball well and were able to finish with a win. Newly trained umpires Annie Charlton and Tom Bull were in control of this game.

Women West Wimmera Brolgas def Greenbottles 6-1.

Goals - Brolgas Toni Domaschenz 3, Sarah Mutch, Marie Davis, Rachael Lloyd; GB Kristy Boord. Best - Brolgas Maree Davis, Annie Osborn, Sarah Mutch; GB - Merrin Martin, Jayne Waters, Adele Murray.

It was a great game played well by both teams.

Brolgas caught Greens napping early on with a quick goal in the first five minutes. Greens had good defence but Broglas were coming down with the numbers to score three more goals in the first half.

In the second half Broglas started to move their players around to different positions with two more goals scored; one with a lovely shot by Maree Davis.

Greens starting to take advantage of this change with the help from their star new (U/13) recruits Henry Boord, Alexander Waters and Callum Murray with good teamwork to get the ball down to be finished off with a goal by Kristy Boord.

All in all a great game played by all players with the scoreline not really being a reflection. Of particular note was the little red horns GB goalie Sue Michelle wore on her helmet.

New umpire Stef Bull umpired her first women's game with Dokes on the other side - well done.

Men Greenbottles def West Wimmera Brolgas 2-1.

Goals - GB Scott Murray, Daniel Ker; Brolgas Keiren Brennan. Best - GB - Tom Giles, Scott Murray, Tom Hood; Brolgas - Matt Waugh, George Bradey, Cory Baxter.

West Wimmera men played a hard-fought game against the Greenbottles.

The Brolgas welcomed new recruit Stephen Lloyd who played well in his first game as a halfback, also strong in defence alongside Stephen was Matt Waugh, Craig Smith and "Stumpie" Closter as goalie (in his fancy dress). Derek James and Scott Murray were a handful to contain in the first half with Greens scoring 2-0 up to half time.

In the second half, the Brolgas made a fair few attacking shots at goal with Cory Baxter unluckily missing a couple. GB Gavin Boord was very strong in defence for his team all day.

Brolgas made moves after half time, putting Keiren Brennan up forward who received a hard ball from Cory Baxter which deflected off the goalie and allowed him to punch it in for a goal to score, making it 2-1 Greens way.

The game started to open up which allowed good attacking performance from the Chastons (father and son) and Darren F that just missed a few opportunities for the Brolgas to score, but could not quite finish off the job by full-time siren.

U/13 Darts def Rangers 5-0. Goals Darts Lucy Sharman 2, Jess Thomson, Brandy-Lea Cuming, Evie Dow; Bests Darts Lucy Sharman, Brandy-Lea Cumings, Evie Dow and Rangers Rory Caldow, Isaac Hocking, Alex Pitt.

U/16 Dartmoor def K/L Rangers 5-1. Goals Darts Lachy Garrigan 2, Jess Thomson, Jack Thomson, Brandy-Lea Cuming & Rangers Tom Cobiac; Bests Darts Lachy Garrigan, Jess Thomson, Dave Dow (Goalie); Rangers Tahlia Kirkland, Tom Cobiac, Stef Bull.

Women Dartmoor def K/L Rangers 7-2. Goals Darts Jack Thomson 3, Jess Thomson 2, Brandy-Lea Cuming, Christina Jardine & Rangers Penelope Caldow 2; Bests Darts Sam Thomson, Brandy-Lea Cuming, David Dow & Rangers Morgan Farrell (Goalie), Penelope Caldow, Sophie Jones.

Men K/L Rangers def Dartmoor 2-1. Goals Rangers Tau Tsephe, Chris Marshall & Darts Jono Bittner; Bests Rangers Tau Tsephe, Tom Bull, Richie Kirkland & Darts Jono Bittner, Ben Thomson, John Sadler.

Round 8 (June 21) - Split round Brolgas v K/L Rangers at Edenhope and Darts v Reds at Naracoorte. Bye for GB. Hooked In2 Hockey returns to Naracoorte at 11am. For more hockey information check out the website  or Facebook Naracoorte and District Hockey Association. Games start at 11.15am (SA time).