Old Caves Rd gets a facelift

THE Naracoorte Lucindale Council has been reconstructing a section of Old Caves Rd.

The final asphalt seal will be laid when the weather is warmer, in the meantime a primer seal has been placed on the road surface to protect it during winter. 

This section of the road was constructed by council staff using laser guided technology on a grader, producing an excellent level smooth surface. 

The section from Pinkerton Rd to Arthur St is planned for reconstruction between 2015-2017.

Council allocated $310,000 in the 2013-14 budget to upgrade a portion of Old Caves Rd. 

Stage one was the section just south of Pinkerton Rd to approximately Pistol Club Rd - 2km in length. 

The intersection with Pinkerton Rd has been excluded as this has been identified for a separate upgrade in future years.

The upgrade included:

- 8m wide pavement with a 6.2m wide bitumen seal and 0.9m wide shoulders.

- Raising pavement and improving cross fall.

- Reshaping longitudinal drainage.

- The removal of adjacent vegetation where necessary and clearing.