Wattle Range Council won't support reduced speed limit

WATTLE Range Council will not support Coonawarra vignerons' calls for a reduced speed limit on a section of Riddoch Hwy.

At its June meeting the issue was lifted off the table after previous meetings had been unable to reach a resolution.

Riddoch Ward (Penola) councillor moved that council provide a letter to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure indicating the council cupported the vignerons' proposal to reduce the speed limit from 110 km ph to 100 km ph on the Riddoch Hwy from Penola to the Edenhope Rd turn-off.

This motion was seconded by Cr Peter Dunnicliff but was ultimately lost.

Cr Burrow then moved council write to the department supporting the same speed reduction and asking the department to look into the safety aspects of this section of the highway and the traffic problems associated with tourists, buses, tractors and trucks all using the same lane.

Fellow Riddoch Ward councillor Rob Thornett agreed and seconded the motion but this was also lost.

The vignerons, through the then Coonawarra Vignerons Association, had been pushing for the speed reduction to improve safety on the Coonawarra strip with the mix of traffic travelling along that section of highway at different speeds.