Wintry weather conditions for netball

Wintry conditions made it tough for all shooters at Kingston, however both the Saints and Demons shot accurately. 

The ones that were missed were strongly rebounded by the defenders.

Both teams made changes at half time, with Naracoorte providing strong drive down the court through Stacey Burgess. The Saints made some silly mistakes which enabled Naracoorte to finish the game strongly.

The indoor courts at Keith provided an ideal venue for a top game of netball between the Crows and Bordertown.

A fast, even-contested game saw Bordertown up by five at half time. However, Keith did not give up and with some great shooting by both teams in the third quarter the margin stayed the same.

It was goal for goal in the last quarter with some fantastic netball being played. A couple of late turnovers by Keith kept it in the game, but Bordertown was able to hang on and finish victor by three goals.

Mundulla started slowly against Kybybolite, but started to build by the end of the first quarter. The weather had cleared a little to allow for a higher standard of netball.

Maisie Nankivell created many turnovers, while Ally Wendelborn and Paige Marra finished well for Mundulla. Ange Donnelly and Sarah Arnold battled hard for Kyby, but it was Mundulla home by 15 goals at the finish.

Arctic conditions proved a challenge for the goalies at Kaniva (for KLU in particular). 

Penola was the victor on the day due to the simple fact that it was able to score consistantly, making the most of every opportunity.

On a horrendously windy day, both teams had their fair share of play and put defensive pressure on mid court movement.

A slow start by Padthaway saw Border Districts take full advantage and build a large margin at the first break. Padthaway made some changes and steadied in the second and third quarters but Borders continued their slick play and built on their lead, especially with the run of Georgia Nolan at centre.

Although Padthaway's defence created some turnovers, Borders kept up their intensity to have a comfortable win.

A reserves

On a wet and cold day players at Keith were thankful for the stadium. The Crows settled quickly with strong driving through the mid court. However Bordertown's goalies shot accurately to keep the game tight during the first half.

Changes by both teams at half time kept the intensity high and the scores remained close for the remainder of the game. At the finish they could not get any closer with the match ending in a draw.

In very tough and windy conditions, Mundulla and Kybybolite managed to play strong netball. Defenders rebounded well as it was a tough day for goalies.

Mundulla came through to win by four in a close contest.

At Kaniva it was a low-scoring game, due mainly to the wet, blustery conditions.

The first half was reasonably even. However, Penola got away from the home team in the second half to record a good win.

Border Districts started well against Padthaway, with great passages of play down the court. Padthaway made a few changes at the half time break, but Borders were too strong and ran out winners by a big margin.

Kingston and Naracoorte worked hard with short passing and good defence in the first half, which saw the Saints in front.

There was some fine shooting by all goalies in the windy conditions. However simple errors by Kingston allowed Naracoorte to grab the lead and finish strongly in the last quarter. Strong hands and defensive work saw Naracoorte gain the win by nine goals.

A Grade

Bordertown 50 d. Keith 47. Best: J. Lange, T. Poulton; E. Gilbert, M. Harper.

Mundulla 56 d. Kybybolite 41. Best: M. Nankivell, A. Wendelborn; A. Donnelly, S. Arnold.

Penola 35 d. K/L United 18. Best: A. Lambert, K. Nankivell; E. Simpson, H. Grosser.

Border Districts 53 d. Padthaway 18. Best: G. Nolan, B. Jacob; S. Power, E. Edwards.

Naracoorte 44 d. Kingston 34. Best: S. Burgess, M. Fennell; Y. Stewart, E. Southall.

A reserves

Keith 45 drew with Bordertown 45. Best: S. Smith, G. Cadzow (Snr); G. Exton, K. McCarthy.

Mundulla 30 d. Kybybolite 26. Best: N. Schneider, L. Excell; K. Heinrich, K. Silvester.

Penola 29 d. K/L United 17. Best: A. Cadzow, A. Pfitzner; S. Bart, S. Munn.

Border Districts 53 d. Padthaway 21. Best: S. Neale, T. Hinddson; R. Kirkham, E. Longbottom.

Naracoorte 45 d. Kingston 36. Best: J. Hartree, D. Brown; E. Cobiac, R. Smith.

B grade

Keith 53 d. Bordertown 48. Best: S. Hedges, L. Dick; C. Hole, K. Hicks.

Mundulla 44 d. Kybybolite 25. Best: L. Cuffe, A. Pickering; S. Kelly, K. Silvester.

Penola 50 d. K/L United 17. Best: G. Sullivan, S. Flint; T. Dyer, B. Tootell.

Border Districts 49 d. Padthaway 19. Best: M. Jordan, C. McMahon; K. Gardner, B. Brooksby.

Naracoorte 32 d. Kingston 16. Best: B. McCarthy, R. Brady; J. Emery, N. Paget.

C grade

Keith 40 d. Bordertown 37. Best: B. Jones, E. Young.

Mundulla 45 d. Kybybolite 20. Best: M. Waters, T. Williams; T. Smith, E. Sandercock.

Penola 54 d. K/L United 12. Best: S. Walker, L. Henningson; K. Maddern, T. Small.

Border Districts 61 d. Padthaway 30. Best: D. Walker, D. Pretlove; T. O'Brien, S. Sims.

Naracoorte 34 d. Kingston 25. Best: S. Hoklas, B. Blance-Palmer; J. Lawrie-Read, B. Geue.

17 & under

Keith 45 d. Bordertown 31. Best: A. Eriksen, B. Johnson; L. Virgin, C. Hammond.

Kybybolite 38 d. Mundulla 35. Best: D. Lawrie, M. Masters; N. Horne, S. Rodert.

K/L United 42 d. Penola 34. Best: H. Munn, C. Feder; M. Freeman, B. Edwards.

Border Districts 44 d. Padthaway 42. Best: G. Hausler, A. Nolan; C. Fabris, C. Cox.

Naracoorte 45 d. Kingston 28. Best: Candice M., C. Drabsch.

15 & under A

Bordertown 42 d. Keith 31. Best: A. O'Donnell, T. Wilson; A. Crafter, L. Forrest.

Mundulla 69 d. Kybybolite 23. Best: Z. Grosser, K. Hinge; M. Speed, S. Maber.

Penola 45 d. K/L United 15. Best: R. Eckermann, G. Robbie; L. Austin, E. Hodges.

Border Districts 60 d. Padthaway 18. Best: E. Hausler, O. Crabtree; H. Dolling, G. Mackereth.

Naracoorte 42 d. Kingston 37. Best: Z. Lyon, E. Lawrie-Read.

15 & under A

Keith 39 d. Bordertown 35. Best: C. Nicolai, T. Cooper; S. Ward, A. Eats.

Mundulla 43 d. Kybybolite 14. Best: S. Laucke, E. Perry.

Kingston 17 d. Naracoorte 4. Best: O. Schinckel, K. Holloway; C. Wade, B. Romer.

13 & under A

Keith 30 d. Bordertown 10. Best: S. Simpson, K. Johnson; A. McCarthy, T. Miels.

Mundulla 31 d. Kybybolite 26. Best: B. Kennett, C. Obst; V. Mould, V. Ross.

Penola 31 d. K/L United 11. Best; E. Winter, K. Hutchesson; K. Hawker, B. Kuchel.

Kingston 20 d. Naracoorte 16. Best: Z. Lewis, E. Peters; S. Bates, I. Stokie.

13 & under B

Bordertown 32 d. Keith 12. Best: K. Will, H. Weatherald; J. Rayson, J. Gilbertson.

Kybybolite 21 d. Mundulla 14. Best: P. Lees, L. Walker; T. Puckridge, E. Staude.

Penola 20 d. K/L United 0.

Naracoorte 17 d. Kingston 15. Best: B Daziel, S. Haggett.