Enrol to vote in local election

RESIDENTS throughout the region will have the opportunity to vote in local government elections in November this year.

Anyone over the age of 18 living, owning or leasing property in a council area can be eligible to vote.

Those who need to enrol or register change of address must do so by August 8. Teenagers who are 17 can also provisionally enrol by this date and if they turn 18 on or prior to the close of voting on November 7, they will also be able to vote.

Wattle Range Council chief executive Peter Harriott has advised that non-resident property owners have been removed from the Local Government voters roll and must re-enrol by August 8 if they are to vote in the Wattle Range elections.

He said this included businesses, tenants and non-resident owners of residential property.

Under the State Parliament's Local Government Elections Act, the non-resident voter's roll was purged every four years from January 1 in an election year.

Mr Harriot said enrolment forms could be obtained from any of the council offices or downloaded from the council website.

Information for prospective candidates, including a handbook titled "So you want to be on Council" is available on the Local Government Association website.