ILC students getting closer to trip of a lifetime

EIGHT students from the Naracoorte Independent Learning Centre are one step closer to their Cambodia trip after an event last week.

Head, Hand, Hand Holidays founder Emma Hawkins held an informal information session on Wednesday night.

About 30 people showed up at Sweet Espresso to hear about the work she is doing in Cambodia and help the ILC with their fundraising efforts.

Ms Hawkins will be leading the teens on a journey of self-discovery this September when they embark on the 10-day project abroad.

"I am so inspired by what the ILC is doing to get to Cambodia," she said.

"It's about the ripple effect which happens when people give...when we stretch beyond ourselves that's when the magic happens."

The ILC students have been doing lots of things to prepare.

Firstly they wrote an application on why they wanted to go, filled out volunteer passports and forms and researched Cambodia.

They then worked out a budget and a fundraising goal and at this stage they only have $2798 left to achieve that.

When the group members, including campus manager Tammy Schinckel, youth worker Jo Menz and teacher Lisa Riley, arrive in Cambodia they will be required to create a photographic journal and participate in all activities.

Upon returning they will write a 1000-word reflection on the impact of the trip and how they will be able to use what they learned in the future and do a community presentation.

Local Shelly Sharpe, who is a trained journalist, will also work with the ILC students to create a documentary on the trip for the education department.

Campus manager Tammy Schinckel, said she was thrilled with the support the ILC had received so far.

"Our community is amazing and the support we have had from so many people is amazing," she said.

"There is no one really that hasn't supported us."