Tight tussle between Naracoorte and Kyby

AFTER a slow start to the season, Naracoorte A grade netballers moved up to fifth position on the premiership table after a thrilling two-goal win over Kybybolite on Saturday.

Naracoorte gained the early lead with great defensive work by Ash Bennier and accurate shooting by Meg Fennell. However Kyby came back strongly in the third quarter when scores were tied.

Sarah Arnold and Angela Donnelly played hard all game for Kyby as the result went down to the wire. In a thrilling last quarter Naracoorte came up with the win by two goals.

At Padthaway a few missed opportunities in the first quarter saw Keith build a small lead in a high-quality contest. The second quarter saw the sides trading goals with great pressure and patience from Padthaway.

Keith stepped up their defensive effort with some great intercepts from Mandy Harper and Tereena Wilsdon to have a 11 goal lead at the last break. It was a scrappy final quarter, but Keith's goalies were too accurate allowing the Crows to run out comfortable winners.

Border Districts got off to a flying start with a 10-goal lead over Lucindale at quarter time. Fast ball movement in and out of the goal circle by A. Nolan and T. Jacob caught the Lucindale defenders off guard.

The second half was much more evenly contested with tighter defence by Lucindale. Accurate goal shotting by both sides was a feature of the game.

Gear in defence in the last quarter and Pitt in attack was a great change by the Roos and caused Borders to re-think, with Lucindale winning the last quarter. However Borders first half had put them in an awesome position as they finished victors by 23 goals.

Kingston was slow off the mark, enabling Bordertown to have a good lead at the first break. The Saints made changes and improved, however Tracey Poulton's feeding into the circle and Jordan Lange's shooting were difficult to contain.

Bordertown continued their strong play throughout, as the Saints fought hard with some accurate shooting from Nicole Pink. Bordertown were too strong on the day and finished the game well.

A reserves

The game between Naracoorte and Kybybolite started with great pace and intensity with goalies from both teams capitalising in the first quarter. Kyby had a one goal lead at the first break. 

Naracoorte's goalies were very consistent in the second and third quarters and were backed up by D. Brown and M. Riley on the goal circle.

Fresh legs for Kyby in the second half set up for an exciting last quarter with Kyby outscoring Naracoorte 17-10, but Kyby's middle two quarters let them down and saw Naracoorte take a seven-goal win.

Keith came out firing from the start against Padthaway and with steady play capitalised in goals. Padthaway was able to create many turnovers in defence, but could not keep control to score.

Accurate shooting saw Keith run out comfortable winners.

Border Districts and Lucindale had a well fought out game with Borders playing more disciplined. However, the Roos kept their work rate up to push the Borders girls especially in the last quarter.

At Kingston, it was a great game by both teams, but Bordertown's shooters were too accurate. It was great to see good sportsmanship all the way down the court to make a fun, clean game.

A grade

Bordertown 74 d. Kingston 35. Best: J. Lange, T. Poulton; N. Pink, E. Southall.

Keith 47 d. Padthaway 28. Best: T. Wilsdon, M. Harper; S. Day, C. McElroy.

Border Districts 55 d. Lucindale 31. Best: A. Nolan, K. Jacob; C. Baker, C. Pietsch.

Naracoorte 44 d. Kybybolite 42. Best: A. Bennier, M. Fennell; S. Arnold, A. Donnelly.

A reserves

Bordertown 61 d. Kingston 41. Best: G. Exton, N. Jolly; E. Cobiac, K. Downward.

Keith 59 d. Padthaway 34. Best: A. Carslake-Hunt, G. Cadzow; A. Wood, A. Volker.

Border Districts 49 d. Lucindale 30. Best: K. Cother, T. Hindson; M. Boxall, T. Maxwell.

Naracoorte 48 d. Kybybolite 41. Best: M. Riley, H. Vine; R. Drury, J. Schinckel.

B grade

Bordertown 56 d. Kingston 41. Best: S. Hinge, K. Hicks; A. Senner, K. Schaefer.

Keith 52 d. Padthaway 38. Best: L. Dick, T. McAuley; K. Gardner, M. Moyle-Read.

Border Districts 47 d. Lucindale 26. Best: S. Ottoson-Crossling, M. Landner; M. Dupree, J. Legoe.

Naracoorte 57 d. Kybybolite 27. Best: B. McCarthy, C. Brighton; S. Bates, S. Kelly.

C grade

Kingston 48 d. Bordertown 45. Best: K. Marshall, T. Watts; D. Storch, J. Barton.

Keith 45 d. Padthaway 18. Best: J. Turnbull, B. Jones; B. Longbottom, S. Sims.

Border Districts 61 d. Lucindale 22. Best: D. Walker, J. Coch; E. Scordo, L. Mitchell.

Naracoorte 38 d. Kybybolite 33. Best: C. Power, L. James.

17 and under

Kingston 42 d. Bordertown 21. Best: A. Drabsch, C. Northam; M. Wilson, C. Searle.

Padthaway 41 d. Keith 21. Best: B. Rayner, C. Cox; O. Eriksen, A. Gurr.

Kybybolite 44 d. Naracoorte 43. Best: C. Bull C. Colliver; A. Haynes, S. Henschke.

15 and under A

Bordertown 47 d. Kingston 31. Best: A. O'Donnell, Lucy Murch; C. Decaux, S. Lewis.

Keith 62 d. Padthaway 15. Best: M. Wachtel, A. Crafter; J. Pretlove, G. Mackereth.

Lucindale 50 drew with Border Districts 50. Best: I. Smith, E. Gill; O. Crabtree, M. Gabbe.

Naracoorte 54 d. Kybybolite 27. Best: N. Bedworth, S. Schultz.

15 and under B

Kingston 28 d. Bordertown 20. Best: A. Stargatt, M. Murdock; M. Bertus, A. Eats.

Kybybolite 47 d. Naracoorte 42.

13 and under A

Kingston 33 d. Bordertown 13. Best: J. Daniel, E. Wright; E. Day, A. Hinge.

Border Districts 19 d. Lucindale 17. Best: J. Bittner, G. Snodgrass; E. Rintoule, S. Walter.

Naracoorte 32 d. Kybybolite 22. Best: S. Bates, B. Gill; S. Lillecrapp, I. Bates.

13 and under B

Padthaway 17 d. Keith 9. Best: S. Hayes, P. Moyle-Read; M. Vermeeren, E. Crozier.

Kybybolite 21 d. Naracoorte 11. Best: E. Botha, L. Walker; C. Beaumont, E. Miles.