Competitive games on the field | Soccer

NARACOORTE United had two competitive matches in senior soccer at home to Blue Lake on Sunday.

The B grade started off strongly with 13 players pumped and ready to go, showing their strength in the first five minutes, earning a corner.

Both United and Blue Lake contested the ball, both having close shots and pressuring the keepers, and 10 minutes into the first Dale Masters scored the first goal.

Great teamwork from Ahmet and Sajad moved the ball from defence to midfield, putting pressure on Blue Lake.

Naracoorte made a change of structure putting Jon T as the sweeper and bring Higgsy into the midfield to provide an option in the middle.

Naracoorte started to struggle with communication between the team and the coach that resulted in turnovers leaving United to wonder why their structure is struggling.

With the first half over, Naracoorte had a chance to recuperate and get a well-needed talk from the coach to keep them fighting for the win.

Intense play from both teams created great opportunities but only just falling short for a goal.

Twenty minutes into the second Masters had another chance at a goal where he chipped the keeper but unfortunately hit the cross bar.

Both teams were hungry and fighting hard to keep the ball moving in their favour with strong tackles from both sides. Naracoorte captain JT kept the team in structure and provided options, making it harder for Blue Lake to score an equaliser.

The two teams fought aggressively until the final whistle blew, for a 1-0 victory for Naracoorte.

When Naracoorte and Blue Lake entered the pitch for the A grade game, Naracoorte welcomed new goal keeper Mark Collins. With a win possible for both teams United really needed to lift their heads and play hard.

A slow start in the first 10 minutes left Naracoorte on the defensive, trying to fend off Blue Lake's attacks.

Some of our regular players are suffering injuries, resulting in structure changes bring Jimmy F off the wing into sweeper position and JK into centre defence.

Lack of communication and contesting of the ball led to Naracoorte turnovers and constant attacks.

With United starting to lift their heads, the tables started to turn, spreading out the passes and moving the ball to our advantage. Providing support in the midfield Brad M, DC and newcomer Joel made a good team.

Half time whistle blew and still nil all, it took a stern talk from the coach to keep United motivated to get a win.

Second half got underway and with the cold chill settling in it was difficult to keep Naracoorte moving but with key players keeping the talk up, United won't go down easy.

Some close calls from Blue Lake got Naracoorte nervous and the defence consisting of Jimmy F, JK, Nam and Michael B kept Blue Lake fighting hard to penetrate it.

Unfortunately with a run from Blue Lake off the wing to goals and a shot contested by Jimmy F led to a deflection into the goals and score for Blue Lake.

A nasty tackle led to the referee having to stop the game to control it. Back into it with Naracoorte fighing hard for a goal on the scoreboard but missed shots made it that much harder.

Full time whistle blew and left the A grade squad with a 0-1 loss. Unlucky boys. - "Watcher"