MP weighs in on rainwater ban at Lucindale Area School

MEMBER for MacKillop Mitch Williams is seeking answers on the State Government enforced rainwater ban at Lucindale Area School.

Students, parents and the Governing Council started a campaign at the start of the month after taps were removed from all tanks as part of the Safe Water Drinking Act 2011 (Read the original story here).

The school community is now only allowed to access mains water for drinking.

Mr Williams said he would approach the Department of Health with questions under the freedom of information act.

"It seems strange to me that we'd be wasting money to implement this policy," he said.

"Surely there are much greater risks. There are a significant number of schools in my electorate that it is being implemented in...yet there are significant number of schools where it hasn't.

"I'm seeking answers from the department on why they would implement it in Lucindale but not in the Naracoorte schools...I have my suspicions."

Mr Williams said his position was to ultimately have the school's access to rainwater for drinking reinstated.

"On the Department of Health's website there is a fact sheet which basically says drinking rainwater is long as tanks are maintained," he said.

"At the moment I am certainly asking for a lot more information and am somewhat disturbed that the government is wasting money on this policy."

The Safe Water Drinking Act 2011 is based on the fact that the microbiological quality of rainwater is not consistent and can not be treated or managed as well as mains water.

Local schools which have not had the policy implemented include Frances Primary School, Michelle DeGaris Memorial School, Naracoorte High School, Naracoorte North Kindergarten, Naracoorte Primary School and Padthaway Primary School.