Naracoorte Red Cross on the hunt for new baby entrant | Photos

NARACOORTE'S Red Cross branch is on the hunt for a new baby to be the face of fundraising for the next 12 months.

Entrants are chosen at the end of each financial year; however, the group is struggling to find anyone keen to take over from current baby Digby Wight.

The competition is a State-wide initiative and locals first got involved with baby Stephanie Monfries way back in 1953.

Branches are divided into categories by population depending on where they are situated and winners are chosen on a money raised per capita system.

Naracoorte has had plenty of success (in category two) winning the past four years with Archer Woosnam in 2013, Alice Redding in 2012, Arabella Pannell in 2011 and Joey Ottoson-Crossling in 2010.

Red Cross is currently celebrating 100 years of service in Australia and the Naracoorte branch will have a special display set up in September.

Its core priorities include emergency services, international aid and development, humanitarian law, impact of migration and helping the disadvantaged.

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