Important forum on suicide prevention

EVERYONE is being urged to attend the most important community forum held on the subject of suicide prevention at the Naracoorte Town Hall at 7-9pm next Tuesday.

The forum will seek to establish a Naracoorte Lucindale Community Suicide Prevention Network as a first step in developing a suicide prevention action plan that addresses local needs and local priorities. 

The membership of the network and the action plan itself will reflect the community of Naracoorte and Lucindale, involving all community members in achieving local solutions helps strengthen a sense of inclusiveness and empowerment.

The community approach will provide everyone with an opportunity to have a voice and work as a mutually supportive team.

One of the ways suicide can be prevented is by ensuring the well-being, resilience and connectedness of the community.

This includes enhancing the community's knowledge about the links between physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health and how everyone can contribute to a connected, healthy community. 

Suicide prevention is difficult and requires a collective, concerted effort from all members of the community: health and social services, community and civic leaders, voluntary organisations, service clubs, churches, sporting groups, new arrivals, teachers, police, workmates, parents, friends, neighbours and all the many people who make up the community of Naracoorte and Lucindale.

Those behind the network want everyone to come together to help create a supportive culture in which people in emotional or psychological distress will be able to access help easily and promptly. We all have a role to play.

The forum will allow community conversations about what may be the best way of addressing local needs and local priorities.

Naracoorte Lucindale mayor Erika Vickery will MC the night and it will be facilitated by Lynne James from the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist.

Guests will include Lifeline CEO Eve Barrett and psychiatrist Dr Warwick Black, Naracoorte's visiting psychiatrist.

Supper will be provided at the forum. For more information, contact Naracoorte Lucindale Council 8760 1100.