'Local Legends' give more than just health care

DAVID and Gillian Steadman are committed to providing locals with the best health care possible; but that's not all they do for the community.

The couple run Kincraig Pharmacy in Naracoorte and are the joint recipients of this month's "Local Legend" accolade.

They moved to the SE just over seven years from Wallaroo when a a position opened up for David, a trained pharmacist.

"We had a choice of two places, and we basically left it to our son, who would've been about 10 or 11 at the time," Gillian said.

"It was Goolwa or here and he decided that there were more opportunities, especially sport-wise here."

Kincraig Pharmacy's David and Gillian Steadman are the joint winners of this month's "Local Legend" for their committment to providing healthcare to the community while also supporting numerous clubs and organisations.

Kincraig Pharmacy's David and Gillian Steadman are the joint winners of this month's "Local Legend" for their committment to providing healthcare to the community while also supporting numerous clubs and organisations.

Both quickly got involved with all aspects of the community, helping out wherever they could on a personal and professional level.

"We are community-minded people," David said. "In a smaller community you feel as if you're doing some good...here you can see you're making a difference."

Gillian joined the Naracoorte Basketball Association committee when her sons - Callum, now aged 18, and Jack, nine - started playing.

She also got involved with Kybybolite Football Club and over the years has helped to organise social activities for the junior colts, a visit from AFL player Lachie Neale, end of year trips away and the canteen.

"I really enjoy it," she said.

"I miss the junior side of things but Jack will probably start in the next couple of seasons (he currently plays schoolboys football)."

Gillian initiated mini-football for the younger kids to play on the oval during the half-time of Kybybolite's A grade games.

"Some of the kids are at the football and netball all day, watching their brothers and sisters or parents play...it gives them something to look forward to," she said.

"We (Kincraig Pharmacy) then pay for them to have a free drink and bag of lollies and we sponsor to have medals given to each of them at the end of the season.

"The kids love it and I have noticed that more and more clubs are doing it too."

David is a welcome member on the boards of Naracoorte Primary School, Parks and Wildlife, the Health Advisory Council, Longridge and the 4WD club.

"The kids are involved in a lot of things so we support the kids," he said.

"We support the school because the kids are there, the hospital because they looked after my mum very well in Moreton Bay House, Longridge because they looked after my dad.

"It's all part of being in a community, to give back."

On a professional level the Steadmans also sponsor numerous causes, clubs and organisations through their business Kincraig Pharmacy.

Mickey's Disco, Welly's Poker Run, local kindergartens, Longridge Aged Care, the SE Field Days, the Independent Learning Centre, the local breast cancer group and the Masters Games are just some of the things which have been supported over the years.

"I think it's important to help out...I just can't say no," Gillian said.

David said they had committed lots of money to sponsorship - up to $30,000 some years; however, they were going to have to pull that back because of the way the economy was going.

Their commitment to their work also extends to after hours, with both regularly visiting clients at home, in Longridge Aged Care or in hospital.

"If they're in hospital or something you do really miss your customers," Gillian said. "It only takes 10 minutes to visit them and they all love it....you do it because you want to."

David added: "All of us here (at Kincraig Pharmacy) work for the patients' benefit and at the end of the day we are dedicated to looking after people at all times.

"My commitment is to provide people with the best health care. I was brought up by caring people - my dad was an alternative medicine practitioner and my mum a nurse.

"I love my job and I love working with people."

All of this extra service is clearly valued by their clients who voted for them to win the Naracoorte Lucindale Business and Tourism Association "People's Choice Award" two years in a row.

"I would say it is a result of our level of care," David said. "Obviously people like and appreciate it."

The duo also value their employees highly, ensuring that the pharmacy is a good environment to work in.

While their busy schedule doesn't give them much downtime, both have hobbies.

Gillian loves scrap booking, David likes to go fishing or 4WDing and they both value any free time available to just potter around the house.