Borders too strong for Naracoorte in A grade clash

NARACOORTE had a massive first half and caught Borders with two goals down, but Borders were far too strong in the second half of their KNTNA clash on the weekend.

Ash Bennier and Sarah duRand played well in defence with lots of turnovers for Naracoorte, but Borders defenders Kate and Bindy Jacob were brilliant and kept constantly turning the ball over with Tyler Atkinson's accurate shooting taking them to a strong finish.

With an exciting one-goal win over third-placed Keith on Saturday, Mundulla was able to move up to fifth spot on the A grade netball premiership table.

Mundulla started stong against Keith to be leading by three at quarter time. Keith them evened up the scores to be 26-all at the main break.

Mundulla created lots of opportunities in the third but they failed to capitalise on most of them. They held a three goal lead at three quarter time that they held onto right up until the last minute. Keith kept coming with Mundulla only winning by one.

Both Kingston and K/L United stepped onto the court with intensity. The Saints goalies missed a few early on allowing K/L United to lead at the first break.

Strong attack at the ball and chasing loose balls followed by accurate shooting put the Saints in front at half time.

The last half was well fought going goal for goal, however the Saints took the win in a close finish.

In a game that started off looking like Penola was going to dominate, Kybybolite was not to be put off. Goalies for both teams were so accurate and they took every opportunity.

A fast and clean game where passing through the mid court showed great skill and pace.

Kyby made some strategic changes at half time and outscored Penola in both quarters.

A reserves

Keith started very strong, dominating the first half with direct play and accurate shotting.

Mundulla to their credit fought hard and contested an even second half. Meg Redden played a great game for Mundulla, as did Bridget Clark for Keith.

It was a great first half in a close contest by both Kingston and K/L United.

K/L United shooters Holly Pepper and Sharon Munn barely missed a shot and Renae Smith had a great start for Kingston.

Strong defence by both teams saw the attackers having to work hard to score.

K/L United broke away to lead by 11 goals at the end of the third quarter before finishing strongly.

Borders made a frantic first quarter start all down the court taking a 10-goal lead at the first break. Naracoorte had to play catch-up netball and to their credit they did in the second half.

Brooke Sambell shot beautifully for Borders, as did Amelia Harris for Naracoorte.

A good hard fought game throughout, with Borders coming out winners by seven goals.

It was a different line-up for Kyby A reserves this week with girls having to step up to the As. Penola's goalies were accurate all game, but Kyby's defence applied consisttent pressure with some great rebounds and pressure around the circle.

Kyby's goalies, although "short" shot accurately and at times from a great distance.

Kyby got to within six goals in the third quarter but Penola's lead throughout the game enabled them to take a 14-goal victory, 48-34.

A grade

Mundulla 55 d. Keith 54. Best: A. Excell, P. Marra; M. Harper, E. Gilbert.

Kingston 47 d. K/L United 45. Best: E. Southall, A. Hagel; K. O'Neill, M. Carter.

Border Districts 51 d. Naracoorte 35. Best: B. Jacob, K. Jacob; A. Bennier, S. duRand.

Penola 51 d. Kybybolite 43. Best: S. Skeer, C. Bradley; A. Donnelly, S. Munn.

A reserves

Keith 66 d. Mundulla 50. Best: M. Redden, L. Excell; S. Smith, B. Clark.

K/L United 61 d. Kingston 44. Best: H. Pepper, S. Munn; R. Smith, E. Cobiac.

Border Districts 53 d. Naracoorte 46. Best: B. Sambell, T. Hindson; J. Hartree, V. Kavanagh.

Penola 48 d. Kybybolite 34. Best: C. Doyle, A. Pfitzner; M. Masters, K. Heinrich.

B grade

Keith 58 d. Mundulla 42. Best: L. Dick, C. Gogel; S. Bailey, K. Staude.

K/L United 40 d. Kingston 27. Best: A. Wilson, J. Emery, N. Paget.

Naracoorte 32 d. Border Districts 31. Best: R. Brody, S. Ford; G. Grant, S. Ottoson-Crossling.

Penola 54 d. Kybybolite 28. Best: T. Galpin, A. Gartner; A. McDonald, S. Moyle.

Naracoorte vs Border Districts, August 2.

Naracoorte vs Border Districts, August 2.

C grade

Mundulla 43 d. Keith 39. Best: M. Leach, T. Williams; E. Young, G. Clark.

K/L United 40 d. Kingston 38. Best: S. Maddern, F. Hicks; T. Watts, N. Spada.

Naracoorte 53 d. Border Districts 45. Best: K. Brodie, S. Hoklas; M. Redding, S. Frost.

Penola 55 d. Kybybolite 28. Best: S. Walker, N. Clayfield; L. James, A. Mould.

17 and under

Keith 43 d. Mundulla 37. Best: M. Wayman, A. Eriksen; A. Knauerhase, N. Couzner.

K/L United 53 d. Kingston 39. Best: C. Northam, C. Murdock.

Naracoorte 60 d. Border Districts 40. Best: R. Brody, E. Wilson; A. Neale, J. Derrington.

Kybybolite 52 d. Penola 26. Best: D. Lawrie, C. Colliver; H. Klemm, B. Edwards.

Naracoorte vs Border Districts, August 2.

Naracoorte vs Border Districts, August 2.

15 and under A

Mundulla 38 drew with Keith 38. Best: K. Richards, K. Hinge; L. Forrest, T. Wilsdon.

Kingston 74 d. K/L United 22. Best: Z. Lyon, T. Harding.

Naracoorte 48 d. Border Districts 40. Best: T. Williamson; A. Rintoule, O. Crabtree.

Penola 48 d. Kybybolite 47. Best: J. Dent, T. Gartner; S. Maber, C. Bull.

15 and under B

Mundulla 34 d. Keith 20. Best: A. Steer, S. Laucke; S. Simpson.

Border Districts 44 d. Naracoorte 30. Best: G. Stokie, B. Harris; P. Allen, G. Shepherd.

13 and under A

Keith 44 d. Mundulla 24. Best: C. DeBarro, S. Tuckwood; L. Quilter, B. Kennett.

Kingston 31 d. K/L United 11. Best: E. Peters, H. Schinckel; Z. Hawker, K. Schuller.

Naracoorte 37 d. Border Districts 17. Best: S. Haynes; D. Dodson, K. Richards.

Penola 33 d. Kybybolite 13. Best: E. Winter, E. Gordon; G. Jackson, V. Ross.

13 and under B

Mundulla 25 d. Keith 12. Best: K. Lock, E. Dowling; J. Gilbertson, A. Rosenzweig.

Kingston 22 d. K/L United 2. Best: C. Schaefer, H. Smith; I. Dickinson, G. King.

Penola 20 d. Kybybolite 19. Best: C. Baker, A. O'Shaughnessy; P. McShane, A. Brodie.