Roos bound away from Kyby

LUCINDALE finished off the 2014 KNTFL minor round season with a big win over Kybybolite on Saturday.

The Roos dominated the first half, keeping the home side to just one goal, before coasting to victory in the second half by 67 points.

Lucindale finished seventh on the ladder, while Kyby's loss ensured the Tigers took the wooden spoon for finishing bottom.

Match reports from all KNTFL games in this Thursday's Herald.

Lucindale     7.4-46      11.7-73       13.8-86       19.10 (124)

Kybybolite     0.1-1         1.4-10         5.8-38         8.9 (57)


Goal Kickers: S. Mardling 6, S. Logan 4, S. McGurk 4, A. Branson 2, B. Kelsh , R. Handbury , M. Snowball 

Best Players: S. Graetz, P. Baker, R. Handbury, T. Ware, S. Mardling, D. McCarthy.


Goal Kickers: S. Carberry 5, S. Shepherd, J. McKay, M. Slotegraaf.

Best Players:  J. Mckay, C. Sandercock, R. Jaensch, S. Craig, B. Kurtzer, J. Jaensch.