Locals hypnotised under Bizarre Gazzard's spell

IT was a night of comedy and a bit of strangeness at the Naracoorte United Soccer Club on August 24 with The Bizarre Gazzard stage hypnotist in town.

After a bit of a warm-up by renowned Australian comedian Adam "Chicken" Palmer, The Bizarre Gazzard took the stage.

By day a clinical hypnotherapist and the rest of the time just doing it for the laughs, Gazzard had the audience at his feet for the duration of his show.

Fourteen volunteers stepped up to be hypnotised and most were successfully put under - even some members of the crowd were caught in the spell.

From there on it was all laughs - with Gazzard pulling the strings and making the volunteers do a variety of comical actions.

Elmo from Sesame Street made an appearance with the volunteers, most grown men and women, convinced they were his biggest fan (while simultaneously hating fellow Sesame Street character Big Bird).

At one point Gazzard even had one of the volunteers convinced his name was the number four, while also making another believe she was the pop star Pink.

The men who had volunteered were then told they were giving birth, with more hilarious results.

The night got a little risque after some of them then gave an impromptu striptease, but the laughs were returned when Gazzard made them forget how to redress themselves.

A little later all were returned to their normal state, with the sceptics turned into believers and everyone having a good night.

The show was a fundraiser for the soccer club, organised by local Mark Wellington.