Local a Young Farmer of the Year finalist

LOCAL farmer Jack England has been named as a finalist in the young farmer of the year category of the 2014 Australian Farmer of the Year awards.

After being nominated for the awards by Richard Halliday, Kingston/Avenue farmer Mr England reluctantly filled out the application forms.

"I never seek accolades for my achievements," Mr England said.

"But I thought it would be a great way to further the Livestock SA and Primary Producers SA organisations and get agriculture back at the forefront of our city cousins' minds."

The awards are hosted by Kondinin Group and ABC Rural and are designed to promote a positive image of farmers and farming families.

They are also designed to inspire and encourage career choices and investment interest in Australian agriculture.

National finalists and award winners will be announced at the Langham Melbourne next Wednesday.

A fifth generation farmer, qualified agronomist, vice-president of Livestock SA and family man, Mr England definitely has the right mix to put him at the top of this year's finalist list.

But it's not his many achievements through science and farming he wants known about - it's more attention for the agriculture industry.

"I'm not happy with the running of the agricultural sector at the moment," Mr England said. "We get little attention."

Mr England believes he has the skill set and experience to bring this sector back into the forefront and hopes that his position with Livestock SA will allow him to demand support from State and Federal politicians.

Though he is not looking for recognition, he believes winning would be a reflection of his father's hard work, dedication, knowledge, strong work ethic and decades of serving on advisory boards and reference committees.

"This is a path I find myself following," Mr England said.

"I hope what I can achieve is a reflection of his life, as I have had no greater role model."

The family farm, "Shepherd's Hill" is now 40 per cent owned by Mr England, and he is now solely responsible for the operations - which gives his parents Rob and Mignon England the chance to enjoy the many years of hard work they have put in.

Mr England's background in farming and degree in Agricultural Science have led to a number of research papers, grant and regional applications and trial works to be undertaken.

He has lectured Veterinary and Agricultural Science students and has had a number of students visit Shepherd's Hill.

Mr England's role as vice-president of Livestock SA, and before that SE regional chair for the SA Farmers Federation, have been challenging and rewarding roles, and ones he has hoped to make a difference with.

It's not hard to see Mr England has a passion for farming and improving the agricultural industry.

Young Farmer of the Year finalist Jack England on his farm at Shepherd's Hill, Kingston. - Stock Journal photo

Young Farmer of the Year finalist Jack England on his farm at Shepherd's Hill, Kingston. - Stock Journal photo