Beware multiculturalism

Beware multiculturalism | LETTERS

I BELIEVE the majority of Australians are unaware of the danger of multiculturalism.

Islamists know that the free and open western societies, like Australia, which embrace multiculturalism and political correctness, are ripe for exploitation through excessive tolerance.

Our own civilised traditions, forms and values are being questioned, mocked and eroded. As a consequence, our society has now become almost defenceless against those who utilise the religious and cultural elements of their alien ideology as camouflage and carrier cells for the socio-political agenda.

Multiculturalism, contrary to the ads, kills harmony. It is troublesome for it encourages ethnic groups not to assimilate into one homogenous society, but to keep their divisions, and to push their own agenda, when they would be treated as all other Australians.

Muslims are regarded as having an ethnic background but there are Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds, just as there are Christians of all ethnic backgrounds.

Islam is not a racial or ethnic issue. It is a religious/political issue.

This policy is written into law but many politicians would not know these details. Is it therefore just a coincidence that Muslims can benefit from such policies? Maybe they helped formulate them in the first place for Muslims have infiltrated many government departments.

We should be accepting genuine refugees from areas that want to embrace our standards, policies and laws.

Not the Muslim persecutors who bring their division and hidden agendas with them.

Many would be aware that after World War II Australia accepted many genuine refugees from European countries - Germans, Italians, Greeks and British, to name a few.

They came with no hidden agenda, were assimilated well into our society, hard-working and have contributed much to our nation.

By contrast Muslims separate themselves into their own communities, having no intension of assimilating into the Australian way of life.

As we have seen after World War II, European migrants found no problem here in assimilation.

Multiculturalism was frowned upon then but now it is a tool to promote Islam. It is time multiculturalism was abandoned in favour of a better and fairer Australian society, before it is too late.

W. T. POMERY, Naracoorte.

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