Accept our values and traditions | LETTER

Accept our values and traditions | LETTER

MR Pomery's letter (Herald, March 19) correctly describes Islam as a religious/political movement however in most cases the political aspect is overlooked.

Muslims who adhere to the Koran teaching cannot escape the aim to be a dominant force in the world. Nor can they escape the attitude toward non-Muslims referred to as infidels.

These points alone emphasise the great difference between Muslims and all other migrants or refugees welcomed to Australia in the past.

From a western perspective, it is easy to understand why some Muslims flee their homeland but it is hard to accept their desire to maintain their former lifestyle here. If Australia is attractive to them, they need to accept our values and traditions.

We have observed the Muslim enclaves and behaviour in Europe and the UK and must reject all efforts to experience it here.

KEN GRUNDY, Naracoorte.