Another sinkhole opens up

Just last month it was a tractor narrowly avoiding falling into a massive sinkhole at Kybybolite, now just up the road at Cadgee the same fate has befallen a sheep.

Paul and Errol Schenscher came across the unusual find in one of their paddocks last week.

Paul said: "I saw a head with the rest of the mob camped around it and thought it was just lying down. Then I went back the next day and the head was still there, it was like a periscope.

“It must have just caved in around it. It was like a personal little sinkhole.”

The brothers managed to dig the heavily pregnant sheep out safely and she appears to be doing well.

Paul said the brothers had noticed a few holes open up over the years but they were mostly larger cave-ins, and finding such a small sinkhole was unusual.

He said it was likely due to the high amount of rainfall received in recent months.

“A bit of moisture around changes the world, that’s for sure.”